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Themify Builder Lite Plugin for free - Themify Now you can free of charge the best page creator on any WordPress page! Builder Lite is now available on with a drag-and-drop user experience and a lived previewer that lets you see all your editing while creating your outfit! Provides all essential functions such as image/color backgrounds, fonts, upholstery, borders and borders.

You also get the import/export, copy and insert and undo/redo functions that are available in all lines, models and column. It' the ideal tools to help you create any kind of layouts without having to touch any coding!

New Themify Builder Lite Update - All modules unlocked! - Themify

You asked for it, now you've done it! We' ve upgraded Themify Builder Lite to give you superior level connectivity to all our products. We' ve released 14 plug-ins that were previously only available in Themify Builder Premier to give you an even better multi-tool user experience. In principle, you can now create pages using our drag-and-drop user interfaces without any restrictions!

Apart from that, we've upgraded Themify Builder Lite with some improvements and bugfixes to make it run smoothly and more quickly. You can download it now on!

Free Download Themify Builder v2.1.9 - The Most Featured Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

Thémify Builder v2.1.9 is the most efficient and user-friendly page builder plug-in for WordPress. Create any conceivable lay-out, make it come to live by dragging and dropping it, and see it come together with a real-time previewer right before your eye. Choose, draw and file, and you've created nice pages.

Free download Themify Builder v2.1.0 - Drag & Drop WordPress Plugin

With Themify Builder v2.1.0 you get the most efficient and easiest to use page builder for WordPress. Effortlessly create any look you can think of, make it come to life simply by dragging and dropping it, and then make it a reality right in front of you with a full motion previewer.

Drag, drop, select and you have created a very nice page - without any programming!

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