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New Themify Builder V4 Release - The Best Update Ever! - Themify Following month of development, test and perfection, we are pleased to present you all the new and much enhanced Themify Builder 4.0! Normally we don't skip a release with our fixes, but this is our best fix yet and we release it as Builder V4. We have reworked the Builder interfaces in both the front end and the back end.

It not only has a super-polished surface, but also contains many enhancements that improve your usability and boost your production. Changes the gameplay for the player with the new GUI. Last Builder (3.5.8) has a few overloaded UI items (like the top line and top line options) that didn't provide a real way to get a real look at your TYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

The UI element of the Builder is suppressed in this release until you move the mouse over it. We' ve also added a subtile motion when you move the mouse over a buttons or drop-down menus - the UI items fold out for a better viewing experience. What's more, you can also move the mouse over a buttons or drop-down menus to add a little extra detail. With Builder V4, it's not just about looking good. Enables you to pull different style output choices (e.g. Pads, Borders, Fontsize ) like a slide bar and apply them to your website in real time.

Simply move the mouse over the entry, begin drawing, and the pre-view shows you the results as you draw. If your layouts are built with many lines, it can be quite a frustration to move lines in the layouts, especially if you move a line from the bottom to the top.

It' intelligent enough to recognize the width of the Viewer and enable key point style accordingly. If, for example, you change the size of the Prescan pane to reach the portable key point, the portable style is activated. In order to help you find the moduls more quickly, the moduls area is automatically focussed. Suppose you want the "Slider" part.

Simply move the mouse over the "+" key of the modul and begin to enter the name of the modul. When you move the mouse over a modul, in the earlier release there was an overlap of the modul that was used for drag. However, we have eliminated this layer so that the panels can still be pulled through the canister.

You can see the floating state, which is the benefit of this modification. Example: You can move the mouse over a keypad to see the status of the hover style, or you can click the scroll bar to display the next transparency. Part of the most popular feature was the Section Form Divisor, as seen with other manufacturers.

Actually, we did something similar, but better than what we call the " framestyling ". While most other designers have only top and bottom molders, Themify Builder allows you to stylize all corners (top, bottom, top, bottom, left and right ) - that's why it's referred to as a "frame". There are 25 beautifully pre-set forms to select from or you can even create your own (e.g. you can create your own SVG or PNG files as a framestyle).

Really awesome is the fact that you can customize the framework for the desktops, tablets and mobiles so you can truly customize the way you interact with your people. Builder Library has been well accepted since we published it a few month ago. Store all your available lines and moduls as re-usable template and layout parts.

Parts of the layout can be processed on site without having to go to another page or open a light box. It gives you a more precise look of the layout part on the current page. The new Layout Part Editor also provides the ability to pull the stored layout part module back to the page.

Suppose you have a modul inside the layout part that you want to move back to the page, just pull it out of the editing box of the layout part and let it fall back on the page. This new alarm engine is a great way to help you keep up to date. Influenced by our own Themify popup plug-in, the warning view can be planned, shown for a certain number of occasions, either for logged in/public users, and automatically shut down after a certain number of seconds.

You can also use the alarm unit as an actions field. Optionally, there is an actions icon to show a news or forward the visitor to another page after clicking. We have added a drop-cap function in the text modul. Once the Drops protection cover is activated, you can customize it on the Styling page.

Using the fonts, backgrounds, padding, borders and borders option, you can customize the folding box to suit virtually any look of your choosing. You can now add a command line icon reading more to reduce the text and concentrate on the text modules visually. If you want to view the entire contents, click on the "Read more" link.

While the Google fonts you select have different weighting settings, the weighting setting appears in the Builder Style pane. When we tested V4 with all our moduls, we noticed that the style possibilities were restricted in the predecessor one. Therefore we have added more style items and choices.

Now you can stylize almost any element on any of the modules. If you haven't already listened to Gutenberg, it's the new WordPress version of the new WordPress version. Gutenberg is currently available as a standalone plug-in. Designers are urged to make their designs and plug-ins Gutenberg-enabled.

Don't be afraid, Themify supported you. Each Themify theme and Builder is Gutenberg compliant (see our Gutenberg compliance article for more details). Simply download the layouts, manipulate the contents and pictures and you're done! Shuffle and map lines to create and extend a user-defined page. If you try to work on a page with the Builder that someone else is working on, they will warn you with an Apply Page feature.

As soon as the page is taken over by another party, the Builder switches itself off at the other end. As with the input motion we have, the over motion effect causes an effect when the operator moves the pointer over the item. They can do things like swinging or bursting a modul when the pointer floats over it.

Part of our Builder V4lease, we've published a set of tutorials to help you quickly get started with the new user experience and functionality. Click the Help key ("? ") at the top of the Builder icon bar to view the movies. To receive the latest news, please sign up for our free Themify YouTube channels.

We' ve upgraded all designs and builder add-ons for this one. Remember that the new builder will require the new add-ons to work together very well. Please refresh all add-ons after upgrading the theme/framework. You can reset anything that goes incorrect after the upgrade under Themify > Updates to the earlier revision, choose the earlier revision, and click Reinstall Topic.

When using the Builder plug-in release, make sure that you upgrade all add-ons after the Builder plug-in upgrade. These and many other changes have enabled us to upgrade and revise the Builder to provide exactly what you need - power, flexibility, and incredible speed. There are 42 appealing topics (see our most favorite topics like Ultra, Shoppe, Music, Parallax and more), 12 plug-ins (including the favorite Builder plug-ins and Post Type Builder), 24 Builder add-ons and 5 PTB add-ons.

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