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Kontakt - Add Themify Builders Addon Contacts allows you to add contact form and use Themify Builders to submit it to any e-mail adress. Comes with a form generator that allows you to generate any number of form and user-defined field types. You can also turn registrations into personals.

You can also specify user-defined "Send To" addresses, form fields, and capture and copy choices. You can change the look of the form using the styling control panels of the modules.

Themify Contact

The installation of Builder Addons is exactly the same as the installation of WordPress Addins. In order to reinstall the addon: First, please dowload the add-on zip files from the links in your Themify member area. Right click on the downloaded files and choose "Save Linktied Files As" and you can start downloading as a zipped version.

Log in to the administration area of your website. Browse to WP Administrator > Plugins > New New. Now click on the upload plug-in shortcut. Choose "Browse" and browse to the plug-in tip files you download in the first stage, then choose the "Install Now" option. Every additional zipped archive contains a example builders archive that you can use for importing into your website.

This will help you understanding how to create the add-on demonstration. Imports the add-on demodata: I think you should have a directory of the plugin. There is a directory with the name "sample", and in this directory there is a builders files in zipped form (e.g. ""). In order to do this, log on to the administrator and then go to the page front end where you want to do this.

In the upper toolbar choose > Themify Builder > Import / Export > Import > Import, then load the example zipped files. As soon as the add-on is already in place, you will find the Contact add-on in the Themify Modul pane. It is available in both back-end and front-end editing modes (like all default modules).

You will find the contact in the Themify Custom Panel. You can see the moduls after you have switched on the Builders via the upper administration toolbar > Themify Builders > Turn On Builders. Use drag & drop to drag a contact modul into a series. 1 ) Unit Titles = Insert the unit titles that appear at the top of the unit.

2 ) Layout = Choose from 4 different contact layout. 3 ) Sent to = Specify the e-mail to which you want to send the contact form after it has been completed by the end-customer. Activate logons as contact mail = Create and store all logons in the data base by generating a contact mail types.

The check box Show necessary approval for the compliance of GDPR = Allows the entry of a declaration of approval that users information is stored and gathered. 4 ) Successful URL = redirection to this address if the form was sent successfully. 5 ) Successful completion = text that appears when the form has been successfully sent.

9) Insert Fields = Selects the kind of fields you want to insert. Check: Text, Text box, Upload file, Listen to music, Check, Choosing, and Fixed text. Allows you to insert text/HTML or execute any links in the contact form. Hochladedatei = Supports PDF, JPEG and . docx format file.

You will see a field asking the user to reply properly to submit the contact form. 11 ) Submit copy = Select the Show to give the user a copy of the form they just sent. 1 ) Click the Style page to begin adjusting the contact modul.

Each adjustment made in the Style Control affects the whole modul. 2 ) Responsible Style = Choose the symbol you want to work with in tray (Landscape or Protrait) or Mobil-Modus. 3 ) Style tablets = Choose the table that you want to work on. Every Style page has the following options: Fonts = Modify the type face name, colour, resize, line width and text alignment.

Pads = Pick the location inside the cartridge. Edge = Selects the location outside the plug. Restore Style = Use this option to restore the style of the whole team.

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