Themify Custom Panel

Editing a Custom Control Panel

Adjust and design design elements with Live Preview. Hiding Themify Custom Control Panel for Specific Role - Themify Each Themify theme includes a custom panel that lets you specify multiple edit control panel settings for a posting, a page, and even special items such as a portfolios. Sometimes we might want to keep it hidden from other people who are only permitted to contribute without modifying an opt.

We can use the filtering'themify_do_metaboxes' and delete it for a certain usernameroll. This example will show how to disable Themify's custom panel for all those who cannot administer page settings, usually only admins can. manager_options' ; ; ; ;'themify_do_metaboxes','custom_themify_hide_custom_panel' ; 3. saving the data set.

When you have edited the local version of the document, FTP it to the topic directory on your FTP client. This example does not deactivate the Themify Custom Panel and the Builders built-in panel, if you also want to suppress the Themify Custom Panel and the Builders built-in panel, you can use it: manage_options' ; ; ; ; ;'themify_do_metaboxes','custom_themify_hide_custom_panel', ; For example, let's show the panel only to admins and editors:

If you want to suppress the custom Themify panel, but allow your writers and other contributors with subordinate privileges to set up a featured image in their contributions, include the following additional source so that the metafield is not deleted. It is just a combo of the first line of text on this page and an additional line to prevent removal of the beta box:

Managing _Options'; ; ; ;'themify_do_metaboxes','custom_themify_hide_custom_panel' ; * Do not delete the default WordPress Featured Image Meta-Box so publishers and others can use it. They can be used if you want to deactivate the customize option in Customize:

Customize Preferences & Custom tab in themes - Themify

Themify Panel preferences and tabbed pages are controlled by a set of array files specified in the themes-config.php files found in the theme's main folder. There are two ways to customize themes-config.php defaults to include or exclude tab pages or settings: The use of a custom filename is quite simple, you have to:

To change the topic configuration, you can use the filter themify_theme_config_setup. 2. Panel''Settings''Tab''New_Layouts''Title''New Layouts','Custom Modules''Title''New Index Layout' (Archive, Categories, Find, Tag Pages, etc.) The following are available:'function''default_layout','title''New Mail Layout','function''default_post_layout' ; Full code:

panel''paramètres''onglet''général'';'panneau''paramètres''onglet''paramètres''paramètres''par défaut'';'panneau''paramètres''onglet''nouveaux_modèles''titre''nouveaux modèles''nouveaux modèles''nouveaux modèles','module personnalisé''titre''nouvel index (archive, catégorie, recherche, tags pages, etc..). Norm_Layout', 'Title' 'New Post-Layout', 'Function' 'Standard_Post_Layout' ; ; ; ; ; ; ; 'themify_theme_config_setup', 'theme_themify_theme_config_setup' ;

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