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In this documentation, you will learn how to use Themify Builder, a drag and drop layout tool with live edits and previews. Extensive documentation and a huge community ready to help. You can use this key combination to display a nice Themify icon.

WooCommerce Product Filter - Themify

Buying on line can be very timeconsuming, especially if you have to switch through several hundred items. The product filters can help buyers to find items in your WooCommerce store quickly and simply. By selecting a user filtering, they can see results of searches performed in real life, with immediate display of product on the page.

Furthermore, we have added the possibility to generate filtering combo! In contrast to many other products where you can only choose one single filtering at a time-, the Products filters offer several choices that help buyers fine-tune the results of the productsearch. Featuring an easy-to-use draft and dropdown build tool, this high-performance plug-in lets you build an infinite number of query types.

Our plug-in is an indispensable e-commerce site filtering software! Visit WP Admin > Products Filters to create a new template. Please copy the short code [searchandfilter] and insert it where you want to display the search field. Checkboxes in Warehouse and Sales display all products instead of the one in the chosen categories.

This is one of the best titanium filtration systems. There' only one issue I found and that is that the filters do not display the tags/categories upright. There were some problems with my topic and I got great help all the way from Themify. This is definitely a plug-in I would suggest to others.

"Themify - WooCommerce Product Filter" is opensource software. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

RJ Web Builders 3.0 - Themify Builders - Welcome to RJ Web Builders 3.0!

In this documentation, you will learn how to use Themify Builders, a draft and fall layouts utility with lived editing and previewing. WordPress messages and pages as well as user-defined mail type are used in Themify Builders. Short codes and HTML tokens are provided with the text engine. You can use the builder in both Backend Edit Mode and Frontend Edit Mode.

REMARK: Themify Builders is part of all Threads. When using a Themify topic, you do not need to add the stand-alone Builders plug-in. Use the Themify Builders in the backend: The following items are displayed when you choose more than one row. Modular orientation positions from right to right or from right to left. 1.

ATTENTION: Only one layer of subcolumns is permitted (i.e. you cannot create subcolumns within subcolumns). IMPORTANT: Responsible style works in the back end, you will see the module marked red when Responsible style is on. Front-end editing works in a similar way to back-end editing, but provides a real-time thumbnail. See the figure below for an illustration of how the Builder front end works.

Use the Themify Builders at the frontend: In the upper part of the administration panel on the front end (make sure your symbol list is activated), choose "Turn On Builder". Saving = Click here to saving all changes made with the Builders. Choose whether you want to store or download a review. Exit = Click here to exit the Builders.

Helpfor = Click here to go to the documentation of the Builders. Modulplatte = Move the mouse pointer over the display caseodulplatte. HINT: If the upper toolbar is not displayed on the front end, it is probably inactive. REMARK: If you don't see the Builders grid after turning on the Builders (but the Modulpanel is displayed), it's probably because the templates doesn't use the necessary WordPress feature, the_content() or the_excerpt() templates.

Move the mouse over the line to see the line option icons: The following items are displayed when you choose more than one record. Modular orientation positions from right to right or from right to left. 1. ATTENTION: Only one layer of subcolumns is permitted (i.e. you cannot create subcolumns within subcolumns).

TIPS: A klick on the modul layer area also opens the modul options). Notice that the Builders does not work on archives. In order to use the Home Page Builders, you must first build a statical page (e.g. "Home") and then go to WP Settings > Reading and make this statical page "Home" your home page.

Use the Themify Builders on your homepage: As a result, your modul will be moved so that it has the same orientation across the entire line or subline. The function for the orientation and orientation of the columns does not appear in your line if you have only adjusted it to display one of the columns. The following are some builders links that can help increase your uptime: The following are some of them:

If the light box of the modul is active: Builders are the predefined layout that you can use on any page for faster prototyping. Designer layout is a predefined layout that you can use on any page for faster prototype. Use the ready-made layout provided with the Builders or build your own user-defined one. PLEASE NOTE: The builders layout is only available in individual posts or pages, not in blogs archived pages such as category, file, search, tag, page, etc.

You have three ways to build new layouts: 1 ) To recreate new layouts from scratch: Type the caption, load the layout thumbnail (option), and click "Publish" method 2) to copy from an exisiting layout: Move the mouse pointer over the layout element in the listing and click "Duplicate" method 3) To store from an exisiting post/page:

These are reusable layouts that can be added to the Builders contents or anywhere in the Mail contents, and the Widgets with their short numbers. Each time the design part is refreshed, each contribution or page that uses that design part is refreshed at the same time. Part of the page is very useful for displaying the same contents in several areas/pages (e.g. customer logo, customer information/card, business banners, services etc.).

Type the name of the part and click the " Edit " button. There are 2 ways to display the layout parts: Procedure 1) Using the "Layout Part" The " Layout Part " works just like any other part. Just sit in the "Layout Part" and you will see the following light box options:

2 ) With the short form[themify_layout_part] you can also show and insert the following short forms in the text widgets of the posts part. You can query the part of the lay-out using its slot name or its postal ID. This means that the part of the page shown with the name " "client-logos"" is displayed. The Builders import/export utility can be used to split Builders page lays with your customers or use it as a back-up to build different version of your page lays (i.e. exporting the Builders contents for backups that can be reset in the future).

The full-width layouts are only available in the Themify topics. When you use the builder with a third-party design, the width of the design is taken from the width of the design. You can, however, use the BEYOND CASE . has-builder to create custom style sheets to bring the design's layouts container to full width (see FAQ #3 below for example code).

How to specify the full width layouts (available only in Themify themes): If you add/edit a message or page, choose the option in the custom area of Themify: In this case, the full width is added to the line contents of the Builders line but the line contents remains within the page width contain. In order to bring the line contents to full width, choose Line > Options Line width = full width.

The full size line adjusts the line to 100% window size and the line contents are aligned vertical in the center automatic. Adjusts the full line width in the Builder: Choose line width = "Full width (100% view window height)" There are 2 full width line options: The full width serial containers = Selects the full width containers and keeps the contents as standard.

Contents in full width = This will set both the contents and the containers to full width. Choose Line width="Full width line container" or "Full width content" NOTE: Safari browser will not playback WP multi-site WP paths containing movie Url. Allows you to show a full-screen wallpaper on the lines of the Builder: Type of background: Choose "Video" NOTE: Adding a YouTube/Vimeo links does not allow the user to switch the output (e.g. playback, break or mute).

Displays a scrollable wallpaper in the lines of the Builder: Once the builder is on, choose Line > Option > Styling tab, load a "background image" and choose "Parallax Scrolling" in "Background Mode" (optional) Choose a "Background Position" for the picture. Used to show a slide bar for the picture backgrounds in the lines of the Builder:

You can choose under "Background Slider Mode": Hints: If you are using a Themify topic, you can adjust the content width = full width in the Themify user interface to show the line wallpaper in full width. REMARK: The slope wallpaper is only available for rows and rows. You cannot apply them to plug-in wallpapers.

Allows you to show a foreground in the lines of the Builder: Type of background: Choose "Gradient". backgroundgradient: You can choose whether you want to represent the effect of the slope as straight or straight, and adapt the rotations to the way you want to represent the grain. You can also change the coverage of the selected colour (NOTE: You can enter an infinite number of colours).

Overlap and hover color: Similar to the above option, you can also apply a blend and hover colors. Following formatting choices are available under Line > Formatting: Line overlap = This allows the user to superimpose a colour over his wallpaper / slide control / text. Use the following line overlap options:

Superimpose colour The basic colour that the user sees above your wallpaper. If you click it, the following items appear for both options: Choose from the following available on both the Line tab and the Module > Style tab: As the name implies, you can use this function to create your own wallpapers for the item.

Wallpaper = This is used to specify the wallpaper url. You can either submit the wallpaper or create it from the Libraries. Repetition of all = The wallpaper is tiles (repeat all). Horizontal repetition = The wallpaper is repeated horizontal. Vertical repetition = The wallpaper is repeated vertical.

Don't redo = This wallpaper is as it is (without redoing it). Full cover = The wallpaper fills the box and fits into it. Hintergrund color= This is used to apply a shallow colour to the line backgrounds. Column layout provides the following choices (see the above instructions for individual choices):

NB: The style choices available for each modul are similar to the line style choices. Line: Choose Line > Option > Animate tab and then the Effect drop-down group. Modulus: Every unit comes with 2 different motion modes. Just like with line animations, just choose the effect you want from the drop-down menu.

PLEASE NOTE: The quicker you adjust the tempo, the higher the scrolling of the modul will be. Modules with a larger stacking order are always placed before modules with a lower stacking order. Builders Revision provides a "Save As" similar function that allows you to store your builders layouts with infinite releases.

It logs this audit and allows you to restore it if you wish. For saving revisions: In the front-end constructor, move the cursor next to the save icon and choose "Save as Revision" to upload revisions: choose "Load Revision" and you will be asked if you want to store the actual state before uploading a review.

REMARK: If the revisions listed on the Options panel are grayed out and the revisions links are not selectable, this means that the revisions do not have a builders lay-out, so you cannot download an empty builders revison. In order to use this function, first activate Builders > in the Builders selection bar to display your website in desktop(), Tablet Landscape(), Tablet Portrait() or Mobile().

It is also possible to choose the order and orientation of the columns. You may find that if you manipulate your styles in both your tables and your mobiles, the Builders window will become smaller and your ability to browse all your moduls will be lost. That means you can't append or modify the contents of the Builders when you manipulate the styles in either your tables or your mobiles.

All you can do is modify the design of the line, columns, and modul. They are the standard plug-ins included with the Builder: When you use a Themify topic, you can find the Builders preferences in the Themify panels > Preferences > Themify Builders. The Builders preferences window allows you to:

Isolate the individual cartridges (NOTE: If a cartridge is Isolated, only the Isolated cartridge will not appear on the page). When you use the Themify Builders plug-in, you can find the Builders preferences in the WordPress Administrator side bar > Themify Builders > Preferences. REMARK: If you do not see the Builders Script Minification checkbox in the Topic Setting checkbox, it means that your servers do not support scripting ( either because of an old PHP release or because the servers do not allow you to create scripting caches).

Activate script reduction for quicker build engine response. Activate constructorache = This temporarily stores theilder. It is possible to customize your own styles to each modul by typing a styles name in the Additional styles checkbox on the Modules pane. Tailored styles heet design is for those who need to design the look of the modules at an intermediate stage (this will require skills in CSS).

Because of the complex nature of this CSS it is not described here. Addons can be added to the Builders. The installation of Builders Addons is the same as the installation of WordPress default plug-in. Operates the Builders on the Homepage? It works with all articles, pages and any article types where the_content is activated.

In order to use the Builders on the homepage, first generate a new page and then allocate it as title page under WP > Settings > Read. There is no way the frontend will be switched on by the Builder. - And it is probably due to plug-in conflict. I' m using the Builders plug-in and the full width line does not work with my design.

When you use a third-party design and the Full Width line options does not work with your design, it is most likely due to the width of the tray specified in the style sheet of your design. Assuming your design has a 1224px wide box wrapper, you can roll it back using the user-defined below css.

If you have the Builders contents, the below mentioned cssc will only adapt the containers if it is available and it has no influence on your own designs. UPDATING: The latest builders plug-in displays the line in full width on all third topics as long as the line contents have the full width chosen. width: 100%; maximum width: 100%; width: 1224px; edge left: aut; edge right: aut; maximum width: 94%; Can I use the builders to manipulate the headers, sidebars and footers?

It is not, the Builders are used to build layout for contents. You can, however, use the Builders to build template parts and then view the template parts in the headers, sidebars, and footers using the short code provided (for example, inserting a text widget onto the sidebar and inserting the template part shortcut).

When you use a Themify topic, you can use the hook content to add links as you like, without having to modify a templates or add widgets. What's more, you can use the hook content to add links without having to modify a templates or add a widget. As an alternative, you can use Themify Flow (our Drag&Drop Topic Builder) together with the Builders plug-in to accomplish this.

I' m not using the Builder. Yes, you can turn off the Builders under Themify > Settings page > Themify Builders. When using the stand-alone Builders plug-in, deselect the plug-in to deselect the Builders. If I have deactivated the Builders, are the layout files generated with the Builders displayed? However, the Builders are obliged to make the layout that is generated with the Builders.

Notice: The upgraded Themify 2.1 framework. 1.3.1. has obsolete the following user-defined mail types: To keep using these user-defined mailboxes, we have made a free plug-in named Builders Deprecated CPT. It unlocks the obsolete user-defined mailboxes. If I try to import/upload builders layout as a zipped or texted files, does it say "Sorry, this kind of files is not allowed for safety reasons"?

The WP-Admin is HTTPS, if I change to the front end with HTTP, the builders doesn't work. When your front-end URL is not HTTPS, the front-end Builder does not work because the Web Browser handles HTTPS as a different address. First, let a tab cartridge fall and customize the tab to your needs.

Look at the page at the frontend with Google Chrome, right click on the tabs menu (https://cl. ly/2g2n183x2n3c) and choose "Inspect", duplicate the message ID (https://cl. ly/0W3I3D42443I) and copy it, insert the message ID at the end of the page you' ve placed in the tabs page (e.g., it would be something like

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