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Frequently Asked Support Questions - Themify

Well, I bought my motif on Themeforest. What can I do to get an update and technical assistance for Themify? In order to register for a Themify subscription, please complete the following registration request and you will be given further information on how to set up your subscription via e-mail. Do I still have unrestricted eligibility for the topics I have bought?

Is it possible if I buy a topic now and later choose to become a club member? Yes, you can definitely update your subscription at any time within the first 60 workingdays after you make your order. All you have to do is make the payment for the amount of your subscription to which you want to update your current balance.

Example: You have bought a $49 default topic and want to become a member of the Master Club ($89). Please feel free to get your free update now by contacting us. Can I use my design on how many pages? Our WordPress topics are licenced under the GNU General Public License. Change the designs and use them on an infinite number of sites.

Yes, you can remove/change the text in the bottom line by going to your WP Admin > Themify > Settings > General, scrolling down to the Footer Text 1 & 2, where you can type your own text. Is the design supplied by the Builders or do I have to buy it seperately? Builders are integrated with all Themify topics.

There is no need to buy the Builders plug-in if you are using a Themify design. And the only use of the Builders plug-in is to use it with a non Themify topic. Prolonging your subscription will ensure that you are always using the latest versions of the topic. It also includes minor enhancements to the WordPress frameworks that ensure interoperability with the latest WordPress release.

You will also get privileged use of the Supportforum for any help you may need. Is all your topics fast? Yes, all of our WordPress topics are reactive and portable (they passed the Google Mobilityriendly Test). How do Themify topics work with Yes, but only if you have WordPress. com Businessplan.

Apart from that, all other schedules do not allow the user to use WordPress topics or third-party plug-ins. PHP bugs or conflict may occur if you receive a clean monitor or error after you activate or reinstall the topic. Navigate to the topic directory (wp-content > themes) and either remove or change the name of the current topic.

The WordPress is reset to the standard topic. Go to the plug-in page and uncheck all plug-ins. Reload the Topiczipper file from the Members Area. Activate the topic again. In case the above mentioned problems cannot be solved, please do not hesitate to ask us or publish the problems in the fora. In case you do not want to use the ing. pdf file, go to Themify > Settings > Page Text > Page Text > Page Text and activate Diskable Page Text Editor.

Uncheck all plugins: Uncheck all of them first and then review them again. Refresh topic: Refresh the topic to the latest release. Reinstalling the theme: If de-activating plug-ins does not help, please try reinstalling the theme. Under Themify > Reload Updates, click the Reload Topic icon to Reload the Topic. It is also possible to newly-install threads by deselecting the thread, removing the thread, and then reselecting the thread zipper file.

Upgrading WordPress: If your WordPress is not the latest release, update it. If you have server-side backup utilities, deactivate them. What can I do to update the design and find out the latest release? See this document for information on how to update topics. For the latest design release, see the change logs.

What can I do to deactivate a comment on a particular post/page? Used to deactivate commenting for all posts/pages: Navigate to Themify > Settings> Default Layouts, select the check boxes "Disable comments im all Posts" and "Disable comments in all Pages". Used to deactivate individual post/page comments: When the discussion board is not displayed, scrolling to the top of the page and clicking "Screen Options" select the "Discussion" check boxes, now the discussion window should be displayed below the contents field, deselect the "Allow comments" check boxes to deselect comment on this posting.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for disabling commenting. Where can I get the topic translated into another languages? See Translating Subjects. Errors occurred while trying to perform the automatic design update. When your subscription is running and the login information is accurate, but the automatic update still does not work, please try downloading the Topiczipper file and updating it manual by re-installing the topic or using FTP or FTP clienting.

What can I do to secure my WordPress page? What can I do to deactivate Themify Upgrade? How to turn off the automatic updating feature of Themify: First of all, you must generate a sub design and then you must include the following source in the features of the sub design. pdf file: When you click a hyperlink in Themify topics, the dashed margin should indicate that the hyperlink is focused.

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