Themify Framework


Functions - Themify No matter if you are a freelance webmaster, programmer or novice, Themify Themes are full of functions to help you quickly and easily create a nice WordPress page. You can use our editing tool to modify topic choices, customize appearance, and even manage your context. Every topic contains our continuously improved Themify framework.

With our robust framework, we provide full controls and allow our customers to customise the design without writing coding or editing template files. With Themify Drag & Drop Builders, you can create pages on-the-fly, so you can immediately see your changes in real time on the frontend. Drag-and-drop to your desktops, tablets and mobiles, our Drag & Drop builders allow you to create pages anywhere, anytime, without touching them.

These Themify Themes come with a rugged and comprehensive style panel that lets you manage every detail of your design. Manage style for everything from headstyles, wallpaper style, post-title style, page style, page style, page style, page style, footer style, and everything in between. Designed to provide the utmost level of detail in your design, the Style Panel provides the final level of customisation and customisation.

A Themify widget is designed to fill the gap that other WordPress widgets do not fill. Thémify comes with its own short codes down to the throat. Use these shortcuts to quickly add contents such as a Flickr Photo or Twitter streams without having to read and type them. One click automatic updates in the administration area, no need to install a FTP or FTP file.

Enter your own Styling Panel in your own style sheet. The Styling Panel allows you to design everything from fonts, colors and backgrounds. Thémify comes with social symbols directly from the boxes without you having to find your own. Build or compile a multi-lingual website using the WPML plug-in with Themify topics.

Turn your website into an WooCommerce based store that is fully powered by Themify. More than 600+ Google Web Fonts can be chosen for your fonts. Simply build your own custom Themify topic without having to edit the initial theming. Build a WordPress multisite ecosystem, all using the same thematic install. Topics from Themify are sure to work with the latest WordPress release.

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