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A new free plugin: Thémify Popup! - Themify Make your customers your subscription and boost your sales with our new free WordPress plug-in - Click! There are 8 fun, fast-response pop-up lifestyles that let you show pop-ups on a particular page or across your site. More than 15 functions, such as planning, lag, motion, and size, give you the freedom to choose any kind of custom dialog that fits the particular campaigns you are in.

It is also fully embedded in Themify Builders, so you can create any front-end pop-up look with either graphical drag-and-drop interfaces or real-time previews. Watch our online demos to see them in action and get a glimpse of all our great pop-ups!

WooCommerce New Shoppe theme - It's Free! - Themify

WooCommerce New Shoppe theme - It's Free! We' re delighted that our flag ship, Ultra, is becoming more and more beloved. Today we are pleased to announce another multi-purpose topic for WooCommerce Shoppe. It' an appealing design that helps you build a professionally designed store page in just a few moments. It' s full of too many functions to fully enumerate below, but you can check out the Shopping themed page for more detail or watch the demonstration to see them in action. Just click on the link below to see the full version.

You can get the shopping topic for a temporary quote free of charge. Simply register for a free trial with us to get the topic and our free technical assistance is inclusive. Shopping is another likely topic to be discussed at Themify. You can get it now for free before you have to buy the premiums.

Topicify Shortcuts

You can use 16 Themify shortcuts with the free Themify Short Codes plug-in. It also has a short code creator in the text editors that allows you to add short codes without having to enter them and their parameter manually: Select Settings > Themify shortcuts from the Administration window. Select Settings > Themify shortcuts from the Administration window.

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