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View all layouts - Ultra Choose a title/page theme from 17 different themes (the no header choice is great for creating destination pages where you don't want title navigation). Yes, there is a sticking head options and this designlist is still on! Headers Wallpaper allows you to load a wallpaper, choose a spot colour, add a slide bar, load a movie, specify animated colours, or make it translucent if you want.

Six page header layouts with option to switch the appearance of the header logos, menus, widgets and credits. Regarding the line mail layouts, there is a standard plus 4 unambiguous layouts. There are 6 different layouts to select from for the archives: sliders, full width, brickwork, grid, arcticoid, and inlay.

They can also switch the display of postal items such as postal titles, features images, metas, content, etc.. The full-screen scene allows the viewer to browse line by line through your page layout like in a slide show, drawing inspiration from our fullpane theming.

Added Ultra & Landing Page Layouts in Builders now! - Themify

Added Ultra and landing page layouts in Builders! Now one of the most favorite Ultra and landings topics feature has been added to Themify Builders. Now, all Themify topics and builders plug-ins can simply download all 25+ pages with just a few mouse clicks, known as the Builders page.

Builders are easy to reach by turning on the Builders and selecting the Load Layouts button. It shows all 25+ layouts with thumbnails to give you a glimpse of what they will look like before you submit them to your website. All layouts have been included in the constructor, so that every website with the constructor has full control over these layouts.

Now you can download different builders layouts to any page of your website with just a few mouse clicks. Just click on the page you want to use.

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