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Themify Magazine Used to create topics using the WordPress Topic Uploader: Right click on the downloading links and choose "Save Linked File As". In this way you can retrieve the design as a zipped archive. Log in to Wp Admin. Visit Appearance > Topics. Please up-load the topic.

Tip-Datei ( Note: It is the topic. Tip, not the topic-psd. Tip you just uploaded from the members area).

When you start a new website, reading the demonstration helps you learn how the topic demonstration is structured. Trial Importer imports your website from our trial version and imports the entire site into your website (posts, pages, commentaries, etc.), Themify panels preferences, menu, and widget creation. Afterwards you can delete the demonstration conent.

For importing the demonstration setup: Navigate to WP Admin > Themify > Settings > Request Demos and click the "Request Demo" icon. Please be aware that for copyrights purposes the presented pictures will be substituted by a picture place holder. Used to delete the demonstration setup: Click the "Delete Demo" icon on the Trial Imports page to delete the trial contents.

If your website does not support trial imports, you can use the WP Admin > Tools > Import Tools to bring in the trial contents later. Used to show a logopic picture instead of the text for the page name: Browse to WP Admin > Look > Fit > Site Logotype and Tagline.

Activate the "Logo Image" selection knob under "Site Logo". Load up a logopicture. Enter the width and heigth of the logopicield. Browse to WP Admin > Look > Fit > Site Logotype and Tagline. Browse down and choose "Text" under "Site Tagline". How to customize the Navigate menu: Browse to WP Admin > Look > Menus.

Press "Create new menu" to open a new main window (e.g. main menu). Insert the menus from the areas on the far right. In order to make a drop-down menu: Move the mouse pointer to the right (the elements are indented). Once you have finished clicking the menus, click "Save Menu".

How to allocate items: Move down to where "Topic items" is and select the check box for the item. Footnavigation = Footswitch submenu in the bottom (Note: Some topics may not have footnavigation). Now you can view your side bar widget layouts, delete the top bar drop down list, make blank link and box click.

Megamenu function allows you to change the normal WordPress context sensitive context sensitive context sensitive function by add megaposts, multi-column and columns wide context sensitive functions with any link or widget. Choose the default columns from the displayed default - Default is Auto and sets the navigation titles to using interlaced links: Refer to the picture below to do this:

Allows you to insert widgets: From the WP Admin > Themify > Settings for the WP Admin > Topic Sets > Topic Sets. From the WP Admin > Themify > Settings for the WP Admin > Topic Sets > Topic Sets. Awesome Font symbols can be added next to the Font Awesome options. In order to modify the Megamenu Mouse Click to Mouse Click incident, type the following key into the Customizing Function. pdf file:

event''click' ; ;'themify_script_vars','custom_themify_theme_javascript_vars' ;'width','height' ;'themify_mega_menu_image_dimensions','custom_themify_mega_menu_menu_image_dimensions' ; Another useful flag is themify_mega_menu_query for changing some mega-menu items. orby' rand' ; ; themify_mega_menu_query','custom_themify_mega_menu_query' ; Other custom features available to intermediate users are: themify_mega_menu_html: allows you to modify the selection of each mega-menu.

Notice that this is done repeatedly for each column fork to ensure consistent operation. themify_mega_columns_html: allows you to modify the marker for each column fork. Notice that this is done for each column branching to ensure consistent operation. Magazine demos were created using Themify Builders with the Post and Slider - Posts modules.

See the below movie to see how the magazine's homepage is structured. With the Builder, you can create a user-defined page and then make it the home page: Go to wp-admin > Preferences > Browse and choose the page as the title page (see the full tutorial Customizing Front Page).

In order to activate breastaking news: Go to Themify > Settings> Theme Settings and choose a breasaking category. Associated articles are shown by standard on the individual article page below the contents. In order to deactivate or modify the corresponding mail option, go to Themify > Settings for > Topic Setting > Topic Setting.

In order to deactivate the permanent headline, go to Themify > Settings > Subject settings > Subject settings and activate "Check to disabled Fixed Header". On the individual contribution page, you can see behind the posting Meta what kind of posts you have. In order to deactivate sharing, choose "No" from the Mail Sharing drop-down list under Themify > Settings> Theme Settings > Theme Settings. 2.

In order to show Banner-Ad/Code like in our demo: Type the ad or HTML key into the text widget: If you want to view a videotape instead of a displayed picture in the messages, paste the web content URL into the Themify custom panel of the message. In order to associate the displayed picture with a light box pop-up such as an aspect ratio, movie, or frame pane, type the URL in the Light Box Left box under the Themify custom area.

You will find Themify's custom panel on the Postprocessing page. In general, the topic works immediately after unpacking. Every option of the side bar and the picture size are predefined in the design. When you need to modify the standard side bar choices, picture sizes, contents and exceptions viewing, post-meta, etc. you can do this in WP Admin > Themify > Settings and then in WP Layout.

Under Themify > Settings > Settings > Default Layouts there are three standard layouts options: Archives sidebar option: relates to the standard home page, categories, queries, archives, tags pages, etc. Standard Mail Layout: is the immediate address of the mail page (also known as "Single Post"). First of all you have to build a new page (in the administration area choose "Add New" in the administration menue "Pages").

Click the Query Contributions Tab in Themify's custom panel, choose either All Categories or a Contribution Categories, and choose the other choices you want: Sequence = This is used to specify whether contributions are sorted in increasing or decreasing order. Or By = This is used to specify the attributes on which the order of the contribution is made.

Queries Mail layout = This is used to specify the layouts of postings such as raster column, lists, and so on. Contribution per page = This is used to specify the number of displayed contributions per page. Show Contents = This is used to specify which contents will be displayed for each contribution (None, Excerpt or Full Content).

Picture Dimension = This is used to specify the dimension in which the pictures should be shown. Suppress posting titles = This setting determines whether the posting titles are shown or not. Undo postal titles = This is used to specify whether or not the postal titles act as links.

Suppress mail date = This is used to specify whether the mail date should be shown. Suppress mail metal = This is used to specify whether the mail metal should be shown or not. Blank Selected Picture = This is used to adjust whether the selected picture is shown.

This option is used to specify whether the feature dated images will work as links. Fade out pageavigation = This setting determines whether the pageavigation for articles is shown. Navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Read. In the title page display, choose "A fixed page (select below)" and then "Title page".

For adding widegets to widgetareas (e.g. side bar and root widgets): Browse to WP Admin > Look > Broadcasts. A large pane on the right shows all available Widget's. If you want to insert a widget: Simply move the cursor from the right to the right side using dragging and dropping. In order to delete the widget: Move the plugin back to the area on the right (Available widths area).

To keep the Widget preference for use in the near term, simply drop it onto the inactive widgets instead of the Available ones area. Saves your Widget preferences. In order to get the Widget, simply drop the Widget from the Inactive Environments pane instead of the Available Environments pane. It is also possible to customize the Appearance > Customize Panels to include Widget.

From WP Admin > Themify > Skins, choose a skins by selecting the miniature image and click Saving. Allows you to customize the look of the topic front end: From the WP Admin, go to WP Admin > Look > Customize. The Customize pane with real-time previews will guide you to the customize pane where you can customize the look of the image (e.g. colour, backgrounds, fonts, distances, borders, etc.).

In order to specify the columns layouts of the footing widget, go to WP Admin > Themify > Settings and then to WP Admin > Themify > Default values > Default values > Default values > Default values. In order to store the Widget in the bottom line _Widgets, go to WP Admin > Look > Widget. Navigate to WP Admin > Themify > Settings > Subject Settings > Subject settings and type in the text of the bottom line.

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