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Thémify me

Themeify. Me May. This is another Drag&Drop motif from Themify.

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It came to Themify via Hogan Chuas superb Wordpress help page on Youtube. wn website, I also thought WordPress was the obvious way, but I needed a skeleton that made living with Wordpress a little simpler. Type Themify Ultra. Since then, I have moved from the Themify study to a Master subscription to a Live subscription.

Topic here, Topic there

When you are a non-programming blogsman, there is always one thing that will pose a problem: the way your blogs are designed. Of course, there are models for those of us who don't know this (programming) idiom, but we are still creatives who want a truly one-of-a-kind look that nobody else has. Especially when it comes to designing blogs, Themify.

It' a easy assistant, with dragging & dropping builders, for creating your WordPress blogs. Sure there are things you still need to do, but this move in the visualization of your blogs is now much more clear because you actually see what you are constructing, not just a pile of coding.

Preferences " exist, and you can challenge the singularity of the particular style, but all ingredients are extremely customisable, so the odds of you having an identical style to someone else are small. First of all, the most important thing is the installation of the topic. Select Appearances, Install themes, upload the theme's zip and click Install now.

Then click on Activate and you have your own customization. To test your designs with some example contents, you can unpack the designs and try importing the files. Click on your topic name in the Dashboard and load your Favoricom (small symbol on the tabs next to the website title) in the Preferences panel, General pane, adjust your custom address, insert header and footer codes (helpful for Google Analytics) and adjust your search and feed preferences below (what will and won't).

The Standard Layouts area lets you adjust your own layouts, which form the framework for any look. Now you can edit everything: files, hyperlinks, images, folders, metadata, title... Just click Save All when you're done, update your homepage and you'll see all the changes you've made.

And you can customize the design to suit your needs, so it can look like a magazine, galery, link library, or anything else that comes to your minds. Within the Topic Setting area, you can add or remove an RS feed hyperlink, a find request page, the listing of your Widget in the bottom line, and two checkboxes that specify which text is shown in the bottom line.

The final part of the lifecycle is the picture script, in which you adjust your pictures, or rather, their miniature views, trim, orientation and trim. Style is the place to make your designs beautiful. There, you have every single part of your theme, beginning with wallpaper, text fonts, headers, post titles, page titles, headers, page logos, footers, customized style sheets for intermediate level surfers, and many others.

You can use the predefined skin to create your design, which is a good place to start or a fast way to adjust your design. Finally, the Transfer engine allows you to easily either transfer or save your topic information, which is very useful when you' re building, saving or relocating your page.

What sets Themify apart from the others is the Themify Builders. Me is straightforward, and if you already use WordPress, it will look like it's a normal part of it. Whether you're already a novice or a novice user or a novice blogger, it's great fun to use and it' re really quite straightforward.

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