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A new music topic update! - Themify We have increased the loudness of our already fully charged music topic! New Themify Music function has just been added. It now allows people to search a website while the audio dock is playing continuously. That means that no matter what the navigation on your site is, the visitor can still hear a song without having to upgrade the audio dock.

This function is known as Ajaxavigation. Functions of the new music theme: Included with Themify Music is our Drag-and-Drop builder, Audio Dock, and can include records, event, galleries, videos, media, and more. Create the ultimate on-line platform for your music to sparkle today!

Musikseite - Landing

We' ve used the add-on Sound, Button and Pricing Table to show you how to make a fantastic music outfit. Present your music. {\pos (192,210)}Morbi August Lake, Malezuada id CSUUS A, consequent VIRISUS. I' m going to get your hands on that quanque tempor augue from the port gate ductor. An ultrasonic nervous quisl quan tus tempor soodales. Send your music. Easily load your track with the add-on and allow your audience to get an impression of your music.

Have a look at our price table add-on below. Landing Topic is a one-sided WordPress topic that focuses on getting your audiences to act on your call for actions.

Themify Shoppe has a new music skins! - Themify

The new Music skin by Shoppe themes was developed with the industrious, independant performer in view. All features of this new design will be available, among them an on-line music store and an innovation for the Bonuses Builders Addon - Sound. It works perfect with the music skins and allows the users to listen to your sound track.

This also increases the overall number of Bonuses Builders add-ons from 11 to 12! It is the small detail that enables an actor to communicate with his public. Now every performer can directly resell their songs to their fan by using the WooCommerce function of our music skins.

Music stores can present both albums and covers, and a descriptive box and review features will only help to improve the quality of your work. Make a trip through our Music Skin Trial!

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