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Create any popup with Themify Builder or the free Builder Lite plugin. This is what the Themify Master Club subscription offers you thanks to its extensive WordPress theme and plugin library! Topicify pop-up Topmify Screen Pops allows you to view nicely responding screen pops on every page of your website. It can be used to present newsletters registration form, advertisements or general light box contents. Permit pop-ups to appear on the whole site or on particular postings, pages, catagories, particular users or even at particular hours (so you don't have to turn pop-ups off manually).

It is fully embedded in the Themify Builders and allows you to create any pop-up front end lay-out with the live view and pull & pop user interfaces. Pop-up styles: The Schedule pop-up - Set the date and hour when the pop-up appears. Ideal for the presentation of advertising pop-ups!

Thémify Portfolio Article

An easy-to-use plug-in, Themify Portfolio Posts allows you to present your information in a clear and concise way. Minimum and slim, you can click on any picture in your photo library to view more detail such as your projector name, customer name and date of provision - or modify each headline and name yourself.

"Themify Portfolio Post" is open resource programming language. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Topic Info & Detail

WordPress Themify Builders is a Drag&Drop page creator WordPress plug-in. It works with most WordPress topics and allows you to draw and fall pages, which makes it simple to make customized layout without having to program them. They know and cherish Themify for its high-quality WordPress topics, which fulfil both theme and purpose.

You were definitely amazed when Themify upgraded all their designs to incorporate a pull & dropper page creator. Now, you can all have the same great page layout choices that you have in Themify themmes with any WordPress themed, thanks to their great plug-in. In order to have a great page-builder you need many modules with which you can build your contributions and pages.

As a Themify constructor you have 16 useful page items like Akkordeon, Dialog, Box, Calllout, Partition, Galerie, Highlights, Image, Card, User defined Menü, Portfolios, Posts, Sliders, Tabs, Testimonial, Text and Movie. In addition, the plug-in supports Themify shortcuts and third-party shortcuts that you can include in all other optimizations with them (such as button, icon, social, or something else).

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