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Enables you to use all Themify links for each WordPress theme. - Append a button (Themify Shortcode) OR a normal link with only the # symbol.

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Up from Themify 3.1 and later. 3, all Themify links are obsolete. When your website has shortcodes in place, it offers backward compatibility. If not, you will need to have the Themify Shortcodes plug-in installed to use these shortcodes. In order to add a short code, just add the example short key below to the mail or page contents editors.

To run the shortcuts in the Sitebar Widget, you can drop a text widget and paste the shortcut code into the text area. All shortcodes contained in the topic are listed in this document. The short code can be configured by changeing/adding the relevant settings. In order to open the shortcut inside a highlight window, paste'themify_lightbox' into the styles dialog as follows:

When you need to use gaps that are interleaved in another gap, use the [themify_sub_col] shortcut instead. Parameter are the same as in the general abbreviation[themify_col]. You can use the short cuts in the colums, for example, to generate a price chart and insert styles into your class lists to later style them according to your range of products:

This example could be used with. product-pack to create a uniform styles for Spalten,. entry-pack,. standard-pack and. advanced-pack to create a different symbol for the packet and with. first-pack to create a particular styles for the first price tag. You can use the link to view a particular news item or certain contents for your site's logged-in users:

Use the is_guest link to view a particular guest post or certain guest item (someone who is not signed in) on your website: You can use the shortcut to view Google Cards. Example uses: You can use the short form to view. MP34 movies. Example uses: Should you reject this short code and want to use the shortcode[themify_video] integrated in WordPress 3.6 instead, you can do so as described in this example.

you do not need to use the shortcut. Example uses: In order to use the link to follow your link to follow your link to follow your link to follow your link to your website, you need to generate an account from your site and then add your account to Themify > Preferences > Preferences (see this detailed tutorial). Usable parameters: User name = Twitter user name (e.g. themify).

Necessary parameters. show_count is the number of times to display your TXTs ( standard=5). show_timestamp is whether to display the date and timestamp of the TXT (default=true). show_follow is whether to display a link to your account (standard=false). follow_text is the text associated with your Twitter account (standard=follow me).

Example uses: You can use the short form of post_slider to show a slide bar for contributions. Example uses: You can use the slide bar shortcut to show a slide bar with user-defined contents (any text or HTML tags). Example uses: Short-circuiting the sliders works just like and -day. You' d need the Open[themify_slider] and Close[/themify_slider] day.

In this case each slides needs the opening[themify_slide] and[/themify_slide]. Any HTML tag can be inserted into the [themify_slide]. You can use the short code list_posts to retrieve any number of posts from any category. Example uses: Example uses: Authors portrait is displayed. Example uses: You can use the key combination[themify_icon] to view a symbol and its name that are associated with a given URI.

Parameter available: Label= text to be displayed next to the symbol. Links= url to which the symbol and the labels are to be linked. styles= styles of the buttons. The following can be combined (e.g. styles= "large Yellow Grey Rotated Fa-bell"): symbol color in the hexadecimal form (e.g. color="#ddd") symbol colour in the Hexadecimal form (e.g. color="#fc9").

View a twitter symbol and a tag associated with the Themify section, with a bright cyan backdrop, a large-sized blank symbol, and a round backdrop. Only show the symbol associated with the Themify page on Facebook, with a cyan one. With the key combination [themify_list] you can show the disordered (bulleted) lists with an symbol.

Parameter available: symbol _color = symbol colour in hexadezimal format (e.g. color="#ddd"). symbol_bg = symbol colour in hexdezimal form (e.g. color="#fc9").

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