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REMEDY - Updates Themify Deleted previous headers/footers. Support Archives - Themify Please submit error messages and improvement proposals in Github Issues. Verify that the same problem was first recorded or resolved before you add a new problem. If you are posting a problem, give a brief overview in the topic heading of the Issue, but give some detail on how to reproduce the problem (provide screen shots if needed).

Report the error from the forums and record the threads referral URLs. The following is an example of correct error reporting (start with the name of the software followed by a brief explanation of the error, then provide a detailed explanation along with a screen shot if required, a demonstration url and a board thread lead url):

Select the problem related to: Thematic = related to a certain topic (e.g. parallax). Frameworks = problems related to the frameworks like Themify Panels, Customizers, Hook Content, Wiki, etc. If the problems are related to the Builders in the frame and the Builders plug-in, select both the Builders frame and the Builders plug-in.

Builders = Select Builders only if it only affects the builders in the scope. Builders plug-in only = tags builders plug-in only if it only concerns the builders plug-in. Any Topics Selected Threads = Topics that impact all topics. Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) addons are problems in connection with a Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) add-on. Select the problem according to its priority:

If you are new to Themify, please refer to the Starter Guide first. They must be comfortable with and able to do the following (try the Ultra topic with the following features): Thémify Framework - Themify Panels, Post/Seite Customizing Panels, Themify Envelopes, ShortCodes, etc. It is included in all Themify topics and is also available as a stand-alone plug-in as well.

Customizing - For thematic styles and customized styles. Childrens Child Topics - For changing topic templates (e.g. loops, php), user-defined styles, etc. We recommend setting up a WordPress multi-site on your local host with the following topics with sample contents (i.e. each topic demonstration should be a micro-site with detailed contents and set-up like our formal topic mademos).

It allows you to quickly fix problems on your local machine. Topics for set-up and demonstration import: Themify topics are all supported by the same frameworks as the "themify" directory within the Themify topic group. Every styling/adjustment you enter in the customized settings will be displayed in the themify-customizer. css-file and ver-number indicate the date on which the data should be saved (e.g. themify-customizer.css? ver= means data saved on 2016 Jan 18 @ 23:45:06).

There is a built-in built-in built-in functionality in the Framework. When a Themify design is used, the end users do not need the plug-in versions of the builders. Creation of content/layout styling: Style input in the contents of the Builder is displayed in the generation format. In logon modus (i.e. the current logon point ) the Builders contents style is displayed on the same page as the online CMS.

Builders cache: 4+, the builders memory is activated by defaults. lf the user's own servers do not support it, the system does not support it. REMARK: Builders are provided or viewed in Publish only. Once a subscriber is signed in, builders do not use builders memory caches.

How to verify that builders are only caching enabled: Look at the site in unsubscribe modus and look at the page sources. Once the builders calendar is activated, you will see a reduced size custom script sheet (look in the sources for: id='themify_cache_header-css'). Use this default log when checking for problems: You can find the themes in the page resource where the themes styles are contained (e.g. style.css? ver=1.0.9).

The framework is displayed in the themify. framework. content format. e.g. themify. framework.css? ver=1.7.5). When you can't find this release number, the Builders box is activated and then search for the css file 'themify_cache_header-css'. Look for something on-line or in your own localehost demonstration, if something doesn't work as announced, it's an error. For Github problems, record the problem and then answer the users that the problem was recorded.

Verify that the problem with Github's locked problems has been resolved. In Chrome Inspector, run a scan for panel bugs. When the problem is due to a plug-in, it is not a mistake, it is a plug-in dispute. If there are plug-in conflicting topics, please verify that the problem does not occur with topics that are not Themify topics. When the problem also arises with third-party topics, it is a plug-in bug.

And we don't have to support it. When the problem does not appear on third-party topics, it could be our topic problems, please record it. Attempt to enable a non-themify to see if the problem occurs with other topics. When the problem occurs on other topics, then it is not a topic.

The problem may be a problem with the WordPress application or a problem with the WordPress application. When the sub-topic is used, try disabling the sub-topic. If you find a resolution to a problem, obey this default protocol: Verify that the problem can be solved in the customizer. You should add your own custom function to your sub topics. You can add your own custom function to your topic. pdf or custom-functions.php. When the problem cannot be fixed in the above mentioned step, see if it is possible to use a plug-in (find a working plug-in and suggest it to the user).

Do NEVER recommend your user to modify the kernel frameworks files: When the topic works on your own or our demo, include a screenshots to show it. NOTE: Members of the teams may not sell or advertise personally to Themify customers. Any support thread will be answered first if it is served first (i.e. the old thread should be answered first).

In order to start: On the forums page there is a listing of the "Latest Discussions", click on the page below (page by page) to find outstanding topics to answer (if you see that the name of the posters has "@ Themify", i.e. was answered by one of our staff members). Skilled support staff who can edit thread more quickly should work on the older forums (so we can shorten user responsiveness).

Occasionally, a user can ask a question to . Requesting support emails is the same as in the forum: First come first answer. When you don't know how to answer, check the e-mail as "unread" (this is important - you need to keep it unwritten so the next support representative can answer). Support with all problems related to our topics and general WP administration materials (e.g. how to build a menu, how to insert a widget, where to place the title page, etc.).

Our support: Common WP and Themify use. Problems created by the customizer (for example, entering an incorrect value in the customizer). Troubleshooting third-party plug-ins and tutorials. We' re not supporting: It is not recommended if the plug-in does not work with other designs. It is not possible to execute the requirement if it lasts longer than 5 minutes.

When the requirement necessitates a strong templating change (including js/css/php), it is not backed. When the problem is due to a change by the end users and cannot be resolved quickly, it is not endorsed. Change errors made by the users are not endorsed (unless they can be quickly fixed). The problem is that if the subscriber cannot automatically refresh themes/plugins and confirms that the Themify login information has been typed properly, their subscription has expired. What is wrong with this is that the subscriber is not able to automatically refresh themes/plugins.

User can re-install the topic or plug-in at any time. Layouts class: side bar1, side bar-right or side bar-none = reflects the side bar options that can be configured in Themify Panel > Preferences > Default Layouts or Custom Post/Page Themify Custom Panels. Listen Mail, grid4, grid3, grid2, Listenumb Picture, grid2 thumb, List Large = reflects the mail layouts chosen in Themify Panels > Default Layouts or Themify Custom Panels > Query Posts.

Build your own class: On the page where you have this problem, go to the page where you have this problem, hit F1 to open Chrome Dev Tools, hit Esc to open the shell, or click the Dev Tools top panel to open it, insert here any news item in the shell marked in white, insert here any news item that you could find here, and if it is empty, redo the process while it is open to see if we can detect an errors or not.

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