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This Themify Ultra review explains its features and benefits. This Themify Review Ultra WordPress Theme provides a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons to help you decide if it's the right theme for you. Ultramemo The Ultra gives you full headline to bottom line controls, either site or page based. Choose a title/page theme from 15 different themes (the no header choice is great for creating destination pages where you don't want title navigation). Yes, there is a sticking head options and this designlist is still on!

Headers Wallpaper allows you to load a wallpaper, select a spot colour, add a slide control, load a movie, specify animated colours or make it translucent if you want. Six page bottom line spacing settings with the option to switch the appearance of the bottom line logotype, menus, widget, text and more. Regarding the line mail lay-out there is a standard one plus 4 unambiguous ones.

There are 6 different file formats to select from: sliders, full width, brickwork, grid, arctic, grid and mosaic. They can also switch the display of postal items such as postal titles, features images, metas, content, etc.. The full-screen scene allows the viewer to browse line by line through your page layout like in a slide show, drawing inspiration from our fullpane theming.

Themify - Ultra Documentation

Below is a full tutorial on how to setup and use Themify Ultra. Used to create topics using the WordPress Topic Uploader: In this way you can retrieve the design as a zipped archive. Log in to Wp Admin. Please up-load the topic. Tip-Datei ( Note: It is the topic. Tip, not the topic-psd. Tip you just uploaded from the members area).

Just one click is all it takes to get the demosetup that contains topic preferences, contents, menus, widgets, and more. just like our topic demonstrations. Navigate to your WP-Admin > Themify Panel > Themify Settings> Click the Skins & Demos tabs. Change control Panel preferences, Widget, existing and changed imports/pages are not affected.

Used to show a logopic picture instead of the text for the page name: Browse to WP Admin > Look > Fit > Site Logotype and Tagline. Activate the "Logo Image" selection knob under "Site Logo". Load up a logopicture. Enter the width and heigth of the logopicield. Browse to WP Admin > Look > Fit > Site Logotype and Tagline.

Type your website tagline. How to customize the Navigate menu: Browse to WP Admin > Look > Menus. Move down to where "Topic items" is and check the box for the item. See the user-defined menus for a more complete guide. Choose the default columns from the displayed default - Default is Auto and sets the navigational titles to using interlaced links:

Refer to the picture below to do this: From the WP Admin > Themify > Settings for the WP Admin > Topic Sets > Topic Sets. From the WP Admin > Themify > Settings for the WP Admin > Topic Sets > Topic Sets. The Ultra is a flexible design that allows you to either set up the global or page by page layouts. In this section the differences to the appearance of topics and pages are explained and how it works.

Topic view v.s. Side view: Side view = means the single post/page setting that overwrites the setting in the Themify pane. It overwrites the adjustment you made in the Topic Appearance section for that particular page. Below the page view you will see the following options:

There are over 60 different builds in the design, which you can easily customize using the Builders. How to customize an example build layout: From the Themify Custom panel > Page options page, choose the option: The Ultra has a section scroll function. This function can be enabled on any page by modifying your page and browsing down to your custom Themify pane > Below the Page Option page card.

If you select "Yes", the following items are displayed: Select this to activate the function for zooming the sections on the tray or both. If you select this item, the Parametric Effect will be disabled. Go en Sie dazu zu Ihrem WP Admin > Themify theme> Themify Settings > Défilement vers le bas jusqu'à l'écran de chargement de défilement des sections.

You will find the following choices there: The Ultra Topic has the standard endless scrolling function for the Library screen. Navigate to your WP Admin > Themify Settings > Topic Setting, the selections are under "Pagination Option" Normally Themify Topic skins are on the Themify Panels > Skins page. However, the Ultra Topic gives you the opportunity to make your own colour schemes simpler and quicker.

Designed for fast overall style, without having to go through every single tune in the customize screen. You will see the following settings when you go to WP Admin > Appearance> Customize =>Skin Styles: Hint: If the Adjustment Window previews do not reflect your selection, it is most likely because the page was created with the Builders, overwriting the Builders style.

It has 3 different picture filter integrated in the design: Please be aware that picture filter applies only to the real pictures on the page, not to wallpapers or video. How to Define global picture filters: Open WP Admin > Themify > Settings> Theme Settings, choose File Filter Options:

Example: If you have greyscale pictures and want to display the sepia picture filters on capture, choose Picture Filters = Greyscale and Picture Filters = Sepia. In order to adjust the picture filters per post/page individually: How to place the picture filters in the lines and moduls of the Builder: In order to adjust the picture filters in the lines and moduls of the Builders, type the name of the picture filter's category name in "Additional CSS Class" on the Line or Modul Option > Style page.

Color classes for images filters: Classification of the Screen Hit Filter: When you want a greyscale picture cleaner, type'Filter Greyscale' in the'Additional CSS Class', when you have a Sepia Filters and want to float on greyscale, type'Filter Separia Filters Lever Greyscale' in the'Additional CSS Class'. This section shows you how to make a custom page design with the Builders, as shown in our demonstration.

1 ) To rebuild a page setup from scratch: From the Themify Custom Panel > Page options page, select the following items to apply the master page layout: In the following you will find the choices we used for the headers and the design: From the Themify Custom Panel > Topic Appearance page, modify the following settings to rebuild the master page layout:

2 ) To create the page design with the Builders (don't miss to remember to save the Builders when you are done with each step): Add a text block and type your text. Below we have added a key combination with the following parameter - [themify_button style="xlarge red flat rounded" link="#connect" ] Contact Us[/themify_button]. Here you can see the key combination.

Specify the following line options: Specify the following line options: Add another text block and type your text. We' ve copied the first feature modul and only modified the following option for each of them: Demo-= "Games" Type the following items in the line options:

Specify the following parameters: Specify the following line options: Select a 2-column color for this line. make a test area on your page [themify_icon icon="fa-quote-left" style="large" icon_color="#f0303030" ] Make a test area on your page. Just add an symbol and an picture to the line to get the same look as this one.

Add a picture modul on the right. Type the following options: Picture URL: Elevate or select any picture. Specify the following line options: We' ve copied the first feature modul and only modified the following option for each of them: Specify the following line options:

Add "animated-bg" in the "Additional CSS Class" line The topic is provided with the Postal Mail Portfolios option as a plug-in (you do not need to add the Postal Portfolios plug-in if you do not plan to have a Web site portfolio). In order to deploy the Posts plug-in: In the Themify pane, click Start Installation of the Plug-in, then on the Installation of Required Plug-ins page, click on " Installation " under "Themify Portfolios Posts". Once the plug-in is in place, click on "Back to Required Plug-ins Installer":

Type the desired choices in the Custom area of Themify: View Portfolios Mail with Queries Portfolio: In the Themify custom panel, click the Queries Portfolios Tab, choose either All Categories or a Portfolio category, and choose any of the other options: Portfoliolayout = This is used to adjust the default settings for portfolioposts such as raster column, listen items, and so on.

View portfolio postings in the Builder: Activate the Builders on each article or page, then create the Portfolio Engine and set the settings to your liking. View portfolio postings using shortcodes: Use the [ themify_portfolio_posts] shortcut to view the portfolio items in the Contents Editor, the Text Widget, and the Builders text engine.

The following are some example links with different parameters: = Show the latest post portfolios from the Web site theme and illustrations theme, as their text snails "Web site design" and "Illustration" are available parameters: Stil = style of appearance (grid4, grid3, grid2). 2. Here you can also create a user -defined class (e.g. rule="grid4 custom-class").

User-defined style sheet classes are only needed for developer to perform style application. They can use the Builders to customize any page and any contribution, even the user-defined mail types such as portfolios in the demos. In the following you will find an example of a unique product range created by us. How to Build a Portfoliosingle using the Builder: Within the user-defined area of Themify:

Mix and match your postal style and picture filtering class to achieve different results. Four different laysouts are available in a unified view: full width picture, sliders, gallery and splitting. Adjusts the appearance of individual posts: In general, the topic works immediately after unpacking. Every option of the side bar and the picture size are predefined in the design.

When you need to modify the standard side bar choices, picture sizes, contents and exceptions viewing, post-meta, etc. you can do this in WP Admin > Themify > Settings and then in WP Layout. Under Themify > Settings > Settings > Default Layouts there are three standard layouts options: Archives-Sidebar option: relates to the standard home page, categories, queries, archives, tags pages, etc.

Sequence = This is used to specify whether contributions are sorted in increasing or decreasing order. Or By = This is used to specify the attributes on which the order of the contribution is made. Queries Mail Layout = This is used to specify the layouts of postings such as raster column, lists, and so on.

Contribution per page = This is used to specify the number of contributions per page. Show Contents = This is used to specify which contents will be printed for each contribution (None, Excerpt or Full Content). Picture Dimension = This is used to specify the dimension in which the pictures should be shown.

Suppress posting titles = This setting determines whether the posting titles are shown or not. Undo postal titles = This is used to specify whether or not the postal titles act as links. Suppress mail date = This is used to specify whether the mail date should be shown.

Suppress mail metal = This is used to specify whether the mail metal should be shown or not. Blank Selected Picture = This is used to adjust whether the selected picture is shown. Unlink Featured Image = This is used to specify whether the feature ed images will work as links.

Fade out pageavigation = This options sets whether the pageavigation for articles is shown. Navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Browse. In the title page display, choose "A fixed page (select below)" and then "Title page". When you want to make a customized blog page, please see this tutorial instead of posting to the post page.

Browse to WP Admin > Look > Broadcasts. A large pane on the right shows all available Widgets. If you want to insert a widget: Simply move the cursor from the right to the right side using dragging and dropping. In order to delete the widget: Move the plugin back to the area on the right (Available widths area).

To keep the Widget preference for use in the near term, simply drop it onto the inactive Widget instead of the Available Wedge. Saves your widget preferences. In order to get the widget, simply drop the Widget from the Inactive Environments pane instead of the Available Environments pane. It is also possible to customize the Appearance > Customize Panels to include Widget.

In order to specify the columns layouts of the footing widget, go to WP Admin > Themify > Settings and then to WP Admin > Themify > Default values > Default values > Default values > Default values. In order to store the Widget in the bottom line _Widgets, go to WP Admin > Look > Widget. Navigate to WP Admin > Themify > Settings > Subject Settings > Subject Settings and type in the text of the bottom line. If you want an empty text for the bottom line, type a white character in the bottom line text.

Selecting a raster map does not display it. It can be converted to normal text by going to Themify pane > Preferences > Default layouts > Default archive layouts and selecting "Show postdates as plain text instead of circular style". What can I do to make all the yellows in Ultra Restaurant a different colour?

In order to customize all your Ultra Restaurant skins to a different colour, add the following customized style sheet in Appearance > Customize > Customizing CSS:

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