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WooCommerce module is used to create the perfect shopping page for your website. Expand WooCommerce - Themify Builders Extension WooCommerce-Modul is used to build the ideal purchase page for your website. Use the WooCommerce plug-in to show and customise your store pages. There are several different layout options that allow you to show your product either as a slide bar or scroll bar, and you can select the categories you want to emphasize.

There is also a product category engine that allows you to generate different layout types according to the product category. You need Themify Builders to use this add-on. It can be used with the latest release of a Themify topic or the Builders plug-in.

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First, please dowload the add-on Zip files from the links in your Themify member area. Right click on the downloaded files and choose "Save Linktied Files As" and you can start downloading as a zipped version. Now click on the hyperlink "Upload Plugin". In the upper toolbar choose > Themify Builder > Import / Export > Import > Import, then load the example zipped files.

Please note: You must have the WooCommerce plugin on your website and have added product in the product section. Here you can select the kind and categorie for each of your items. As soon as the add-on is already available, you will find the WooCommerce add-on in the Themify area. It is available in both back-end and front-end editing modes (like all default modules).

You will find the WooCommerce-Modul in the Themify Custom Panel. You can see the moduls after you have switched on the Builders via the upper administration toolbar > Themify Builders > Turn On Builders. 1 ) Unit Titles = Insert the unit titles that appear at the top of the unit.

2 ) Typ = Select the kind of presentation you want. 3 ) Categories = Select the categories you want to present. 4 ) Free of charge concealment = You can select if you want to conceal the free of charge items or not. Please contact us if you do not have any free of charge items. It is the primary objective to prevent the same items from being displayed on more than one line.

7) Ordering by = Select the order of your product, either by date, prize, turnover, ID, track or luck. Titles are arranged in alphabetical order. 8 ) Order = Select either increasing or decreasing. 9 ) Display as = Select this option to display your product using a slide bar or a drop-down menu.

11 ) Fader options: Viewable = Enter how many items you want to view at the same moment. Scrolling = Select the period of scrolling one after the other. Velocity = Select how quickly the sliding control should move. Selects the effect that you want the sliders to move the product.

Select between continuous glide, dissolve or normal glide. Hover Timeout = Select how the scroll bar should respond when the mouse pointer is moved over an image. Select the desired hover timeout. Select whether the sliders should be looped continually or stopped at the last post. Display sliders arrows = Here you can select whether your user should move the sliders to the next item by using a sliders arrows displayed in the right and right corners of the picture.

Select the right and right margins you want to place on each picture. Notice: The arrows do not appear in the picture but stay in the slide-box. 13 ) Produktbeschreibung = Select how the descriptions of your items should be displayed.

14 ) Fade out your picture = Select if you want to fade out or show your picture. 15 ) Width and Width = Select the px value of the width and width of your picture. 16 ) Unlink Produkt image = This allows your products pictures, when selected, to send automatic user to the products page.

17 ) Fade out Produkttitel = Select whether the Produkttitel should be displayed or not. As standard, the name of the products is at the top of the list in all capital letters. Remove item name = Select this option to remove or remove the item name. It allows the item name to be used when clicking on it to divert the visitor to the item page.

Fade out pricing = Select this option to fade out or display pricing for your items. This is the icon that will appear at the bottom of the prize. Select this option to show or hide the " Into shopping cart " icon. Fade out ratings = The ratings are the star ratings shown at the bottom of the item's name.

Select to show or hide evaluation of the item. Show sold badges = Select this option to show or hide the sold badge. Display or hide the sold badge. You can only see the ID card if you have selected Retail in the Products area of the Administration area. They only appear in either the upper right or upper right corners of the picture.

Hint: You can only pick a subcategory if you have one. When there are no subtopics, do not pick a topic because it does not display anything. 1 ) Modules Titles = Insert the modules titles that appear at the top of the modules. 2 ) Layout = Pick 4 layout to have your categorys appear on your website.

3 ) Kategorien = Select "All Categories". Selecting a subcategory only works if you have a subcategory for that particular subcategory. 4 ) Order by = Select the order of your product, either by date, prize, turnover, ID, track or luck. Titles are arranged in alphabetical order. 5 ) Order = Select either increasing or decreasing.

6 ) Blank fade out categories = Select whether you want to fade out the categories or not. 7 ) Show number of items = Select whether you want to show or hide the number of items you have in inventory. 8 ) Latest product = Show how many product you want to show at the bottom of each categorie ad.

1 ) Click the Style page to begin customising the WooCommerce tool. Each adjustment made in the Style Control affects the whole modul. 4 ) Fontfamily = Select a typeface that changes the whole text type for the whole text area. 5 ) Text colour = Select a text colour that changes the colour of the whole text for the whole text area.

6 ) Fontsize = Select a fontsize that changes the total text for the whole game. 7 ) Line height = Select the distance distance for each line. 8 ) Text alignment = Select how you want to arrange your text. 9 ) Colour = Use the Colour Selector to select a colour for the links that will appear on any text to which you have added a hyperlink.

11) Pads = Select the location within the cartridge.

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