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Ultra Theme is more than just a simple set of styles that most designs provide, it allows you to create your own designs with a simple, powerful drag-and-drop editor. A great multi-purpose WordPress theme for freelancers. Thémify Ultra Review: Flexible multi-purpose theme for WordPress

Are you looking for the next best WordPress theme for your website? I' ll be reviewing Themify Ultra, a WordPress theme that you can use for a weblog, shop, or other kind of website. There are two parts to the theme. First of all, there is a customisable basic design that allows you to manage the look and feel of your website.

Comes with many adjustments to control your headers, page layouts, etc. Then you will also receive a complete WordPress Page builder with which you can create your page and publish contents. Read my Themify Ultra reviews for my thoughts and a practical look at this topic. Thémify Ultra Review:

Everything that can cause this topic? The Ultra is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, which means you can customize it for just about any kind of website. It'?s Themify Builders. In fact, Themify does sell this Page Builder as a stand-alone item - but you get it for free when you buy Ultra.

Over 60 ready-made themes in Themify Builders that match the Ultra look. Below I will show you how Ultra works on my test page. The first time you start installing Themify Ultra, you'll instantly have the ability to upload demonstration contents, which is handy to make your website look like one of the demonstration websites you've seen on Themify.

Themify Ultra offers a complete set of 12 different demonstrations for a wide range of niche markets. Naturally, you do not need to install a demonstration site. However, the demosite will save you a great deal of configuration effort, so even if you plan to continue customizing it, a demosite is still a good place to start.

As soon as you have selected a demonstration, Themify Ultra performs the upload which took only a few seconds for my test page: Just like that, your website will look exactly like the demonstration you selected. Next, you should adjust it to make it your own. There are two different areas Themify Ultra offers you to adjust the main theme settings:

WorldPress Customizer: In this way, you can adjust important styles using a real-time previewer. It' very easy for beginners, because as soon as you modify a styles setting, you will immediately see that modification in the Life Preview. Operator interface for the backend theme settings: In this way, you can specify other non-visual preferences, such as inserting arbitrary codes into your headers or accessing the Themify Builders.

When you go to Themify Ultra Customize in your Dashboard, the real-time WordPress Customizer starts. Many designs now use this surface because it provides a more user-friendly way to modify the appearance of a design. Themify Ultra is one of a kind in the number of choices it offers:

Any of these higher-level options will continue to contain many smaller options that you can customize. If, for example, you want to modify the fonts used throughout the text of your theme, simply go to your own website, BEYOND at ? BEYOND FRONT, to do so: you can modify the fonts used throughout your theme: Every and every times you make a modification to one of the preferences, you'll immediately see how it's mirrored in the full featured versions of your website.

Can' t show you all available options because there are too many - but if you look at the screen shots above you should get a good impression of what you can do. What's great about using demonstration contents is that they have most of these preferences configured to work for youutomatically.

Since there are so many options, it is much more comfortable to use this type of setup, especially for novices. The backend Ultra preferences can be accessed by going to Themify Ultra ? Themify Settings: You can see that there are also many options that you can set here. I will pick out some of the most useful functions.

Topic settings: The theme section contains many useful options to control things like: The Ultra contains a wide range of prefabricated hooking positions. They make it simple to include your own coding in certain parts of your topic. Again, these are just some of the things I think are the most useful.

You' ll also get a whole bunch of other attitudes for things like: In addition to the above mentioned overall preferences, Ultra also gives you granular design controls in a single page or per posting design. A new Themify Custom Panel in WordPress Editor meta-box appears, allowing you to modify layouts and styles for a single content:

In this way, you can post or page with specific layout, which is especially useful if you are using Themify Builders or if you want to build a custom immersive green part. I' ve already touched on Themify Builders a few things now, so I think it's finally up to you to see how it works.

It is a full-featured page constructor that is also available as a stand-alone plug-in. If you start your Visual builder, you will see a full view of your website and a new Themify Builders toolbar: Then you can adjust it via the popup: You can even use the Themify Builders to create ready-made lines that you can draw and paste into your theme to help reduce time:

Normally you use Themify Builders to create the layouts for all your key pages (homepage, contacts, etc.). What does Themify Ultra charge? Although Themify Ultra comes with a Page builder, it only sells for $49, which is roughly equivalent to another WordPress theme. This gives you everything you saw in this review, plus the full Themify Builders.

You can also get $69 for the Developer edition if you want to get the Photoshop file. Or you can $89 to get full use of all Themify plug-ins and theme, which is a great value considering that Themify has 42 theme and 12 plug-ins for purchase. Themify Ultra is a good choice if you want a design that can do everything, because the combined design control detail and Themify Builders API allows you to create any kind of website.

When all you want to do is browse the blogs, you may be able to find a niche blogs theme that is more willing to go "out-of-the-box" (here are some hints on selecting a theme). However, if you want the ability to create customized websites across different recesses, Ultra is a good choise and provides a similar level of service to something like Divi.

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