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Upload royalty-free images, high-resolution stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations from Thinkstock. Stock photo subscription : images libres de droits sur une base mensuelle et abonnement Clip Art From now until 2019, we are taking steps for Thinkstock subscribers and users of Thinkstock image packages to invite them to switch to Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images. Here you can access the same great images you know from Thinkstock and take advantage of other benefits. In connection with this change, Thinkstock will no longer offer abonnements or image packages from April 2018.

How will this affect my current subscription or image package ? Don't worry, vous pouvez utiliser votre abonnement actuel ou votre forfait image jusqu'à son expiration ou jusqu'à épuisement de votre quota. What happens if my monthly subscription expires or the downloads from my image package are used up ? If your subscription or image pack expires, we invite you to switch to iStock - where you'll get the best images from Thinkstock and more : Try iStock and get 20% off your first purchase with this promotion code :

What happens when my annual subscription expires ? Once your annual subscription has expired, you can switch to a Getty Images Premium Access subscription at special rates. You get all you like about Thinkstock, plus les avantages de Getty Images. What if I want to purchase or renew an annual subscription ?

Thinkstock does not allow you to purchase or renew annual abonnements. But we' t be happy to set up a annual subscription to Getty Images Premium Access for you that gives you everything you love about Thinkstock, and even more for you, like : to learn more about Premium Access.

We will inform you in time time as soon as we can provide accurate information. Why is Thinkstock withdrawing from the market ? We take Thinkstock off the market to offer you stunning images, flexible options, enhanced features and integrated tools at Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images. When will Thinkstock withdraw from the market ?

This is Thinkstock will be withdrawn from the market in mid-2019. This means that we no longer offer or renew abonnements or image packages. Until your quota is exhausted or your subscription has expired, you can continue to download files with your already purchased abonnements and image packs. You can access your previous downloads at Thinkstock until the page is closed in mid-2019.

As a Premium Access subscriber, we will migrate your existing Thinkstock downloads to Getty Images by then so you can access everything after Thinkstock closes. You will be able to access your previous downloads until the site closes in mid-2019 or until your subscription expires.

If you have an image pack, you can access your previous downloads until the page is shut down in mid-2019 or until your image pack expires at Thinkstock. Until mid-2019 you will still have access to your lightboxes at Thinkstock. The Thinkstock images sont également disponibles chez Getty Images et iStock.

This means that you will find the same images on these pages with the Thinkstock image number. What is Getty Images Premium Access? Why can't I just keep my Thinkstock annual subscription until the site is shut down ? If your annual subscription is active, you can use it until it expires.

Only a small portion of the Thinkstock collection is not available from iStock.

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