Three Column Wordpress Theme

Wordpress three columns theme

Thirty+ free 3-column WordPress Themes 2017 Are you looking for a free WordPress theme with a 3-column design? This is a great place to start. We' ve put together the best and well-designed samples of 3-column WordPress topics we could find - there are businesses topics, blog and portfolio topics, and even eCommerce WordPress topics that use a grids theme or 2 sidebars + contents theme for their outline.

The topics on this page are all from the public index, so they have been reviewed for high level coding and WordPress standard, so you can be sure to use one of them. Have a look and select your free 3-column WordPress theme for 2017! Oxigen is a super cleaner and very favorite topic for blogging, business, journals, portfolio and more.

There is a great slide control on the homepage and great typeface and other details. Well, a beautiful neat devotional staple theme blogs in magazines look that's great for different niche markets as it has a lightweight theme that you can customize to the needs of your website. Has a 3-column format with your contents in the middle.

The Gridbox is a 3-column posting theme with a grids theme on the home page that displays your post ings with the pictures presented, titles, excerpts and more buttons below and the top menus at the top of the page. EXPERIENCE is a multifunctional WordPress theme that can be downloaded and used free of charge.

There has a beautiful contemporary style with a large picture slide on the homepage and 3 column contents below. The Zeal is a really beautiful and classy theme, perfect for a portfolio, company website or blood site with an images headers and your entries in 3 column below on the homepage.

It has a number of different kinds of blocks, it has a headline and then 2 column for your postings and a third column for your side bar on the right side. The Zap Lite is a busy topic that sets some neat accents, with 3 pillars for your favorite postings and other contents under the big Helden headers, which include a picture, text and a Call to Action Buttons.

The Sauron is a minimalist 3-column raster theme, ideal for portals or blogging that require a delicate look to showcase their work. Another neat and simple topic that could be used just as much for blogging as for creating web sites is Actuate. This is the ideal free theme for magazinestyle blog and website with a top-down, headers and drop-down menus above the Contents pane that divides your contents into 2 column and a third used by the Side Bar pane.

Bleu is a great looking and classy theme with 2 large contents followed by a three-columned underline. Blogs post captions overlap the pictures presented, giving it a beautiful contemporary air of sophistication. Per Blogg is a straightforward, tidy blogs theme that uses spaces and a tidy 3-column lay-out to view your blogs.

There is a beautiful area on the homepage that shows your work. The Melos is a free branding with clear, contemporary style and layout. There are 2 top level menu, one contents tab and then 3 contents bars to display pages and articles. Make is a very beautiful theme with a grid-based homepage on which you can present your work and your easy minimalist style.

At Afford we have 2 column to show your contributions in a raster, and a third column for your side bar so you can show a broadget you want. It' easy and neat and good for your own blog. The Saville Wheel is an eCommerce theme to be used with the WooCommerce plug-in, which allows you to view your product in groups of 3 column.

At Jax we have a nice Masonry page on our homepage, which organizes your contributions and pictures in 3 rows. There is a large head area to add an additional picture of your choice. The Cerauno is a great theme developed by Automattic for those who need a cleaner and simpler WordPress theme for their magazines or blogs.

There is the top level page on the leftside and then 2 side bars on the right side for additional information and Widgets. The Sento is a multifunctional design for web sites in corporate design, it uses a box design with home page sliders, softwares, 2 menu items and then 3 column for the contents below.

Beautiful easy style makes this a good way to create a kid theme and customize it to your needs. A social is a magazin or blogs topic with 2 contents in a raster pad design with a traditionally side bar on the right. The Engross is a free web site theme that is perfectly suited for authors, blogs, face-to-face sites, and so on.

It is a minimum and neat topic for Blogger who want a raster lay-out for their postings - it is really neat with beautiful typeface, so it is suitable for most kinds of websites that focus on image browsing or displaying. The Griffin is a 3-pillar theme that could be used by blogs or photographs to present their work in a stylish way.

It has a wallpaper and a possibility to load logos. The Alizee is another grids theme that is organized in 3 rows of tiles with an images headers. The Hueman has a one-of-a-kind look and feel and looks very sophisticated and professional - 2 column on both sides of the core contents area allow you to view a large amount of contents at once, making it ideal for journals, blogging, information pages and even your own CV pages.

Another theme is Baskerville, which applies to the large head with a picture wallpaper and then 3 column for the underlying contents, so you can use different mailboxes for different kinds of contents. Dale is the creator of Kooc Media, an on-line business that has been working with WordPress since 2009.

Meanwhile he has contributed to WordPress by writing several hundred articles and founding two theme firms that offer free and paying topics to billions of people.

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