Threema App

The Threema App

The world' s most popular secure messenger, Threema keeps your data safe from hackers, businesses and governments. The world' s most popular secure messenger, Threema keeps your data safe from hackers, businesses and governments. The Threema is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Threema is a new mobile messaging app that puts security first. You can block the app with a PIN, a password or with your Android system (sample, fingerprint).

Small, but (imo) neat function:

The Threema - Serious safe messaging

Thrreema complies with the stringent Swiss privacy legislation and fully complies with the new EU Privacy Regulation (GDPR).... encodes all your communications, from news, voicemails, group chat, file transfers to progress reports. Nobody else can see your message, only the designated receiver. To use Threema Web on your computer, choose the Threema Web option, select Configure Surveys, and then use Threema on the computer that uses Threema Web.

Situated in the centre of Switzerland, Threema is a 100% independant and self-financed enterprise with its own server and own programming.


The most popular security messaging solution in the industry, Threema keeps your information safe from attackers, businesses and government. It can be used entirely anonymous, enables end-to-end encryption of speech and provides all the features you would expect from a modern IM. Threema Web also allows you to use Threema from your own desktops.

The Threema is built to produce as little information as possible on the server - this is a central part of our approach. Groups membership and contacts list are only administered on your machine and never saved on our server. Locally saved executables are saved on your cell phones or tablets in encoded form. And all of this helps prevent the effective gathering and use of your personally identifiable information, such as metadata.

The Threema is fully in compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR). Treema end-to-end encodes all communications, up to and personal information, and includes news, voicemails, group chat, file and even progress notifications. The Threema uses the open open open-source NaCl crypto trust algorithm for encrypting. Not only is Threema an encoded and personal messaging device, it is also diverse and feature-rich.

Every Threema Operator gets a Threema ID for identifying. Use of Threema does not require a telephone number or e-mail adress. Threema is a totally anonymous service that allows you to use Threema without revealing any personal information or opening an affiliate bankroll. Let us have our customers validate trustworthy contact with a QR mark or encryption imprint to avoid central person intrusion.

Some of the most user-friendly legislation on the protection of personal information in the whole wide sense is found in Switzerland. The Threema is a personal messaging application, but still needs the following privileges (only used when the appropriate feature is requested). If synchronisation is off, your contacts will not be changed or scanned.

  • Precise position (GPS and networking ): Used for the function "Send Location". - Adds or removes addresses, finds addresses, creates accounts: necessary for synchronizing contacts and integrating with Android address book. - Change or erase the content of your memory USB: necessary to read and save multimedia data (images, video, documents).

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