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The leisure map calculator calculates your daily hours and lunch breaks on a convenient weekly online time recording. Online time clock calculator with lunch breaks Time duration calculator. Complimentary online working hours / time card calculator with break function

Full hours: Amount of overtime: Gross overall salary: $0.00 Gross overall overtime pay: It is provided free of charge and without any guarantee as to its ability or efficacy for any particular use. Leisure map computer creates a time recording log with sums for your working times every day and week.

With ' Calculate', the time ticket computer is prompted to sum up all working times and presence records and to generate the time recording reports that help with wage and salary accounting. With ' Reset all' all working times and breaks are deleted. Click'Print' to open a printout dialogue where you can printout your working time control reports. Printout of the report:

When you only need one printout of your leisure map computer reports, just use the "Print" pushbutton and you can print it and submit it to your paysroll or save it as a continuous recording. Please click here to get a PDF report: But if you want a copy of your presence rate for the time sheet, it's almost that easy!

Just choose "Save as PDF" from the printing dialogue and store your wage and salary statement as well as your working times in any place where you can send or store e-mails. Unfortunately, Windows does not have a PDF printing function by default. However, you can still download the PDF file here. Then you can take your time recording with you and have it printed out as a PDF file - for all your time recording requirements!

Do your eyeballs already burn from all that time sheet work? Developed to make wage and salary accounting and staff time control child's play, our time sheet timer makes it easy. The system tables all working times in tabular form and transforms them into US dollar and cent. It' s fully electronically controlled and frees your company from the hassle and error-prone daily and monthly reporting that gets bended, ripped or wasted.

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