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With "time symbol" and customizable designs. Manufactured by the creator of Timer Tab. Complete picture with large digits. I just want to know what time it is. Clock() returns the current processor time as a floating point number in seconds under Unix.

Method for using a Python clock()

Clock( ) is a procedure that calculates the actual CPU time as a variable in seconds under Unix. Accuracy is dependent on that of the C-run of the same name, but in any case this is the run of the Python or Timeing benchmark. Under Windows this feature will return the seconds of the clock that have passed since the first call of this feature as a decimal point number, using the Win32 feature query PerformanceCounter.

Use this procedure to return the actual CPU time as a floating-point number, in seconds under Unix, and in seconds under Windows as a floating-point number, the seconds of the clock that have passed since the first time this is called. This example shows how to use the clock() technique. Remark - Not all devices can detect the actual processing time.

The clock on such a system (including Windows) usually records the time on the walls since the start of the application.

webclock (official hours all over Canada)

In order to guarantee the correct functioning of the web clock applications, please use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari with JavaScript activated. What does the display of the time look like on my computer monitor? Your display time is taken from the Canadian Government Time Source: NRC's nuclear watches.

You computer or your portable unit will receive formal time through a regular flow of time-stamped communications between your unit and NRC's time resource. Corrects the indicated time by the amount of detected delay. When you are in North America, the screen will usually show the time according to your time area. When you are outside North America, the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) screen will show Zulu Time or GMT.

More information about Canada's time zones can be found under Time Zooms & Summer Time. Your machine's clock skew to the NRC time is also displayed ("Your locale clock is ___ seconds quick / slow"). And if the misalignment is large (e.g. thousand of seconds), make sure your computer is set correctly for date, time region, or summer time.

The clock of your machine can be adjusted either by hand or by using the NTP (Network Time Protocol). Half the time it will take for a round-trip message interchange between your unit and NRC's nuclear clocks. You can use the net latency to assess the uncertainty in the indicated offical time and clock mismatch.

Most of the time, the indicated time is accurate within an insecurity corresponding to the power outage.

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