Time Including seconds

Including seconds

Delivers the value (in fractions of seconds) of the sum of system and user CPU time of the current process. They do not include the time that has elapsed during sleep. With the new Lap Second Enhancement, Windows 10 gets better at the right time.

The time to say will be much more specific. In the meantime, we need to address the issue of time. As well as not being exactly 24hrs ( 86,400 seconds ) long, a tag also gets longer with about 2 miliseconds per cent due to resistance.

Today, there are two major temporal sources: a whole series of nuclear timepieces that have been plotted together to generate International Atomic Time, and the stellar time that occurs when we measure how long it actually took the planet to rotate around its orbit. The latter time, called the " co-ordinated universally time " (UTC), is used in scientific and technical fields.

Most of the time, it is the time frame from which we want our timepieces, dials, telephones and computer to be adjusted. Due to the fact that base of ATC is the Earth's real spin mill, it is falling back behind nuclear time. Each time the void is more than 0.9 seconds, an additional second is added to LTC - a leak second - to reconcile the two.

Both the next big Windows 10 release, probably due in October, and the next big Windows Server release, called Windows Server 2019, will feature lease second capability. In Windows, whenever UTC needs an additional second to recover, the watch will contain the additional 62nd second before moving on to the next second.

From a technical point of view, there can also be bad leak seconds if there is ever a chance that nuclear time will be more than 0.9 seconds before that. And Windows will take care of it too, with time going from:58 to:00 and skips the 60-th second. That work was done to enhance Windows compliance with certain federal rules.

Certain rules dictate that the system timekeeper must be precise within 100┬Ás of an authorized time resource, and the system must keep tracking how it is synchronizing its in-house time with the authorized one. In order to meet this need, the next Windows will feature more log and audit functions for its timing system and provide for a new watch synchronisation log named Precision Time Protokoll (PTP).

The PTP protocol supersedes the dignified NTP (Network Time Protocol), which has long been used for time synchronization between different sys-tems. PTP added that the big thing is to measure the latent of all your net hoops between the timing point and the end point, which in turn allows higher precision for that end point.

While NTP remains the standard because most folks don't need the added accuracy, PTP is now an optional part.

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