Time is now Clock

Time' is now time

Place your order today and stay stylish and on time with Now Wall Clocks. Mobile swing suspended swing clock with Laugh Love swinging pendulum In order to see a mini image, go to the top of the page and click on the small green button "Now Clock". And if so, the Now Clock is the ideal present! At first sight it's a nice clock, but there are no clocks..

. just the words "NOW"... The now clock has a lavish expresso satined finishing and is wonderfully finished with an 11 inches SOLID WOOD bezel and a clear front panel.

Radiating a feeling of peace, the Now Clock inspires you to just unwind and experience the Now. This clock is quite now (there is NO ticking!), so it is ideal for still contemplation or bedroom use. Really one of a kind, the now watch is the ideal present for Timeess. The Now Clock is the most precise clock in the entire cosmos, as it does not require adjustment to time zones, summer time, or missed time!

Now the clock just attaches to a pin on the walls and is 11 inch broad and 16 inch high. Time is NOW!

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Clock now ( The time is now ) 2007 W.Cook

All of our trendy suspended watches have a 9.5" diametre and come with a rugged solid case in clear blue with a clear lense and a state-of-the-art crystal mechanism to keep you stylish and on time. Featuring a uniquely print dial that looks great, your stylish clock will be the heart of your home, business or professional workspace.

Indulge yourself with something good or make this innovation watch the ideal present for the inauguration, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, merry retirements or for no one! Precision crystal clockwork provides a precision time measurement. Offering a choice of tens of thousands styles, you're sure to find the product you're looking for. The time passes when you enjoy our one-of-a-kind and ornamental wallclocks.

Today's watches have a 9.5" diametre and come with a rugged solid case in solid steel and a clear synthetic lense. Every dial pattern is produced in a professional printing process to present the artwork, whether ornamental or novel. Featuring a precision crystal clockwork, these battery-powered analogue suspension watches are a perfect complement to your home, your dining room or your home offices, and a great present for any event.

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