Time it is now

The time it is now.

It'?s late in China? Locate time, date, and weather for China from an original source in online time tracking. Actual local time in Toronto. Time is ripe for sustainability education.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world" - Nelson Mandela.

Actual time in China

It'?s late in China? Would you like to see the time in China in comparison to your home? Select a date and time and then click "Send", and we will help you transform it from Chinese time to your time zones. Check out our World Meeting Planner and get a colour graphic that compares the time of night in China with all the other sites around the world that others will be attending.

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Time is now (album)

Time Is Now is the 7th recording session record of UK vocalist Craig David published on 26 January 2018[4][5] The record includes tours by JP Cooper, Bastille, AJ Tracey, Ella Mai, Kaytranada and GoldLink. Heartline ", the first singles from the record, was published on 14 September 2017 via David's Youtube record.

Reaching second place in the UK, the record is David's fifth UK Top 10 record. Heartline ", the first release from the record, was published on 14 September 2017 and hit a high of 24 in the UK. Bastille's second UK based record "I Know You" was launched on 23 November 2017 and was much more commercial than his last albums, reaching a peak of five in the UK.

The time is now: Women activists in the countryside and cities change the life of women

The topic this year catches the pulsating lives of female campaigners whose passions and dedication have won and successfully changed women's lives over time. Commemorating an unparalleled worldwide feminist empowerment, equal opportunities, security and equity struggle, we recognize the untiring work of female campaigners who have been key to this worldwide effort to promote equal opportunities.

Today what we see is a notable showdown of force among trafficked females around the globe, which demonstrates the ability to speak with one accord when they demand opportunities and responsibility, and receives dynamics from grass-roots networking and coalitioning that extends to governance. Likewise, when we see and listen to these votes increasing in intensity and solidity, we are feeling the might of something right.

Welcome to those who have valiantly advocated advocacy for judicial system accessibility, such as the #MeToo move, which in recent years has found its way into the public arena in more than 85 nations to uncover those who have hunted the less fortunate and to show how, when supported by each other, they help transcend stigmata and make sure their histories are trusted.

This is a good idea for those who have spoken before the International Criminal Court, where their testimony has brought to justice those who have used violence as a weapons of massacre. Our celebrations are for those campaigners who have worked for the equality of homosexual, gays, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual lesbians, and for those who have worked for law reforms in places like Tunisia to end a determination that allows perpetrators of violence to avoid prosecution when they marry their victim.

Our tribute goes to tribal peoples who have fought for their right to property and traditions, and to those who have even died for their cause. It must further enhance the variety and number of persons working for sex equity and involve individual and groups - such as men and men, youth and religious organisations - to help and design the agendas so that young men and men develop appreciation and esteem for men and young men and girl and can engage in behavioural changes.

Today's militancy must change the way we look at and respond to woman, and recognize the force of a stereotype that influences how we value man. Having a women's empowerment that can tackle these problems is crucial, but we also need a feminist masculine empowerment. It must be a turning point, an end to immunity and quiet sufferings of deprived and unpunished mothers, as well as female servants, in the countryside and in the city.

Today's militants must strengthen those most likely to be abandoned, the vast majority of whom are females, as our latest Turning Promises Into Action shows. There is a greater likelihood of females living in extremely poor conditions than males in all areas. Up to 22 per cent difference between the sexes in the top years of the 25-34 year old cohort, illustrating the need to reconcile incomes and long-term carers, which policies and measures are so necessary.

In the past, civic participation has played a key management role in the governance of overall actions for achieving equality between the sexes, fostering reforms, emphasising the complexity of the challenge for woman, affecting policy, participation in surveillance and holding accountable. Consciously, we need to increase our focus on women's activist politics and to give more room to the voice of women's civic societies so that our effort is focused on those who really need it most.

There must be a end to the civilization of sexual misery, poorness and overexploitation and a new generations of sustainable equal opportunities.

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