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Global time zone map with time zones for each country and continent. Actual time around the world World Time Index: Verify the actual time in the most important towns of the world. Verify the world time card, find the actual time in each town. In this section, you can view the actual time in 500 of the world's biggest towns and villages. You can choose between 12 hours/pm and 24 hours/day format for your comfort.

Are you interested in a particular town? You can check the time, UTC/GMT balance, summer time settings, co-ordinates and closest places in the selected location by selecting the town name. In-depth information about the latest time for more than 500 towns around the world.

Stuff you never knew about time zone.

It turned out that there are 24 time zone all over the world, covering different areas and different civilizations. There are 11 intriguing things you probably haven't noticed about time zone. Transcontinental railroad has triggered the establishment of time zone in the USA. In front of the railways, the US administration followed thousand of different timeslots.

After the completion of the railway, however, the railway operators were significantly involved in influencing the administration to design four time belts so that the trains could keep to a precise timetable. There is a universally accepted default time known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Running along the prime meridian (0 degree longitude), this time domain symbolises the universe point of departure for each time domain in the world.

Today the time domain is officially known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but GMT is still widely used. It has the most time in the world. It is definitely not the biggest in the world, but France ranks the world in terms of number of time zoning with a combined 12.

France still has areas around the world, from Polynesia (10 hrs behind UTC) to the Wallis and Futuna Isles (12 hrs before UTC). But China follows only one time area. Under Mao Zedong, the People' s Republic of China changed from five time belts to one in 1949:

Peking standard time. This change was intended to foster reunification, but in the east of the land the rising of the Sun is at 10 a.m. The North Pole and South Pole have no formal time zone. Since all longitudes - which defines time zone - coincide at the two polarities, the North Pole and the South Pole have no formal time zone.

Instead, some research centres internationally track the time zones of their home countries, while others track the time zones of the closest populated region. Others just followed us on our way to UTC. ISS follows GMT, but time is much more complex. As the gravity in outer-space is much lower, the ISS is zooming almost five mph around the Earth, but time is moving slightly more slowly than on the Earth's Earthface.

Arianza and Hawaii are the only US states not to be affected by summer time. In Hawaii it is not summer time and in most cases it is not summer time in arizona. A Baltic Sea coast follows two time zone. Märket, a small Baltic Sea is a small peninsula that follows two time zone boundaries as it is under the control of both Sweden and Finland.

According to Liststverse, the Swedes half of the islands follows the Swedes and Finns half the Finns. Nordkorea has established its own time zones - because why not? North Korea in August 2015 resolved to breach with "imperialism" and return to its initial time of 8.5 hour behind the GMT used before the Japanese freeing of Korea.

Summer time wasn't made for the good of the peasants. In contrast to what is commonly believed, US peasants have never backed summer time.

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