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In the United States of America, summer time is now in effect. The time at the Greenwich meridian is called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Universal Time. Currently, summer time is in the United States. You can set the time zone for your Acuity account under Customize Appearance. You can also request that clients check their time zone during scheduling.

Adjust your time zone

You can change the time zones for your Acuity accounts under Customize Appearance. You can also request that the client check their time zones during planning. When customers are not obligated to specify a time region, all available periods will be displayed on your planning page in YOUR time region.

When customers are prompted to join a time zones, we try to identify in which time zones they are, ask them to validate and then display all time in their time zones on your planning page. Once a customer has chosen a time region, your available time will be changed to their chosen time region and any e-mail alerts they receive will also be changed to their chosen time region.

Notices sent to the administrator via the accounts are always in the Transaction Time, regardless of what the customer chooses. After you have posted an event, the time area can no longer be processed because it would influence the time of the event. In order to modify the time area for an event, you must reschedule the current event and then plan a new event with the right time area.

Is it possible to change the time zoning of each of the calendars in my accounts? Every Acuity Free, Emerging Entrepreneur Plan and Growing Business Plan can only be fixed to one time area. When you want to create time zoning per calendars, you can upgrad to the Powerhouse Player Plan and allocate each calendars a different time zoning!

Find out more about time zone for calendar here!

What can I do to modify my timezone?

What can I do to modify my timezone? You have two options for changing your "local time zone". or go to "Edit profile" and modify your "Local time zone" settings in the "Basic information" section. So, what about summer time? If, for example, you have planned a meeting this weekend (in "Autumn Summer Time") for the next weekend (in "Spring Time"), you have actually planned the meeting in "Spring Time Summer Time".

Daylight Saving Time" knows when it applies to every nation in the globe, and all schedules are set accordingly when viewing the timetable. There is no timetable shift and your meetings will take place when you plan them.

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