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Timezone is a region of the world that maintains a uniform standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. There is no daylight saving time (daylight saving time) time zone and current times for all United States, including information about daylight saving time and utc/gmt. Generates a new time object for the current time.

Zentralafrikanische Zeit (CAT): Which is the actual CAT time?

Now what is the actual time in the time Zone of Central Africa? In which time area is Central Africa Time (CAT) located? Is Central Africa taking summer time into account? There is no summer time in the Central African time zones. What are the Central African time zones?

The majority of Africa stretches across the equator and light levels do not change as much throughout the year, so summer time is not used in most African countries.

Actual time all over the globe

This page shows the actual time in the big towns from each time area. Weltuhr is a great tool to quickly match timepieces from around the globe. When you want to benchmark certain dates, use our Meetings Planner to adjust your global schedules to the needs of your meetings.

Select EVERY LAND from our locations menus and you can find the time in any other place in the wide range of the globe you might be interested in. When you see a * for a big town on this page, this place is currently watching daylight saving time (summer time). Compliance with applicable regulations for each individual state is our speciality!

Every time indication for the Weltuhr is color-coded so you can see at a glance the best call timing according to the time of Day. They are places in daytime hour. The yellow is for sites in the mornings or evenings where shops can be shut.

Rote Orte are currently in the late evening where you can awaken someone by calling them now. Need up-to-date time information for your company or the next Mobil application development? Visit our time zone database and the Application Programming Guide (API). Take a look at our World Meetings Planner! With our Meetings Planner, you can match up to five sites on a given date and the same day, morning/evening and evening colour code that you see on this page to find the best time to meet with attendees around the world!

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