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Wordpress Time Theme

You can buy this demo site from ThemeForest and run it yourself if you like it. Customize your website with simple clicks and review changes in real time. Reactive WordPress Theme from WebberWebber It is a high-performance multi-purpose theme that works across a wide range of page types: creative portfolios, large company websites, face-to-face blogs, product-oriented websites, web galleries & albums - whatever. This is why my topics are being returned to by people. The topic is ready for a multitude of applications.

Any page or sidebar format can be selected and it is always easy to access. The time is an appealing topic, i.e. it adjusts to the equipment on which it is shown. Design takes care of your contents so that they look good on all your equipment, but you can also choose to display part of one piece of contents on only one release and conceal it on another.

Each slider is improved and has its own functions for the theme. Ideal for presenting important contents. WMPL plug-in, the ultimative multilingual WordPress page management tool. In addition, the topic has already been translatet into 4 languages: Unlimited Google Maps on your website without any additional hassle - WiLD Google Maps ($15 value) is free to use.

Symbols are of two kinds - fonts that are actually vendor file, i.e. can be resized to any desired file format without losing clarity, and fonts that are 16×16 and 32×32 pixel for retina ads. The retina is a common term used to describe a display with high pixel intensities.

Normal display sizes are 72 pixel per inches, while retina sizes are about 200-300 pixel per inches. Pictures must be handled in a particular way so that they look crisp on such screens. The Time Theme does that so your website and your contents look great on iPhones, MacBooks and new phones.

Which means it's retina-ready, responsive, socially oriented and socially minded, HTML5 & CSS3 high value and well drafted. Enhanced function list: PHP 5. 3+ is needed for the theme to work. You can find the full change log in the topic manual. I have used the following ressources to create the theme:

JSColor, jQuery Easing Plugin, MediaElement. js, Fancybox, FlexSlider, LayerSlider, Mauerwerk, beschwipst, ImagesLoaded, Selectivizr, MINIFIFY, OAUT H, Entypo Fonts, Brandico Fonts, Awesome Fonts, Modern Pictograms Fonts, Koloria Icons pack von Andy Gongea, Essen icons packing, PCs. 100 Icons packing, flag icons de goSquared, subtle The Blender Foundation, Reel Water Productions, boogy_man, Cristian Bortes, Daniele Zedda, Daniele Zedda, gedolgachov, geckostamp, James Vaughan, Marc Edwards, mouffet1, Nicki Varkevisser, Somadjinn, Swaminathan, Sebaszlajos, Tomá? Vateha, Victor Camilo, vjéran 2001, William Warby, Travel icône package et Pictures dans le domaine publique Bilder.

Note that most of these pictures have not been added to the topic due to licensing restrictions.

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