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United States Clock & Map Simple way to verify your time in all US time zone! Verify the actual time in each town, state, and state of the United States: Favorite time zone and place transformations in the USA: U.S. time zone with area time: US time zone with area time: US time zone with area time: The United States has 4 General Time Zone, also known as Default Time Zone.

Furthermore, Alaska, Hawaii and 5 US departments all have their own time zone. Generalised time zone are often referred to by their common name without making a distinction between daylight saving time and daylight saving time. US Time - Time Zone map and clock of actual US time in large US cities. Shows the actual US time.

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Firstly, there are two categories of a country's time zone; the older of the two is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the more advanced is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). There is, however, no real time lag between GMT and unTC and therefore the two can be used as substitutes.

Timezones are parts of the world that are separated by longitudes. Britain is setting the Greenwich Mean Time default at GMT 0 and other nations can compute their time zone based on how many miles ahead or behind Britain. Saudi Arabia, for example, which is 3hrs ahead of Great Britain, has a time zone of "GMT +3" and Colombia, which is 5hrs behind Great Britain, has a time zone of "GMT -5".

Summer time is practised in certain parts of the globe to allow more light during the working days. Therefore, some nations set their watches by one half an year. That means that in early Spring a clock goes from 4:00 standard time to 5:00 summer time.

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