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Bear singer Khalil Mack is in the second round surgery.

On the second even leg, the bears outside Khalil Mack's line backer failed to train with a right knuckle wound on Thursday. However, Vic Fangio, the defence defender, said that Mack could probably be playing on Sunday, even if he doesn't train all weekend. In the first half of Sunday Mack injured his ankles against the dolphins. However, he only failed to take 16 snapshots in the match.

Bear trainer Matt Nagy has described him as "day after day", suggesting that the squad has no long-term concern about the injuries. In his five-year NFL carrier, Mack has never failed to make a comeback. Allen Robinson Receiver was sitting in training on Thursday with a last wound one day after he was confined. Early Thursday, Nagy described the bears' prudence as something nearing service.

And Robinson has an eyeball on how it felt and goes beyond Sunday.

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