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Time for time

Time and comments on the Times crossword puzzle from a team of solvers. Genuine journalism to motivate the curious. It is a British daily newspaper (Monday to Saturday) based in London.

Time for time

Twelve mornings for me this morning, supported by a wealth of Anagrammen, nothing all too unknown and a good Sprengung with simpler references. Thank you to Hurley for another beautiful jigsaw work. A VARIANT is defined as "a sample that differs slightly from a sample of a certain kind or standard", i.e. not normally. - Duplicate definitions, the second as in a paperboard.

  • SPEEDING means to move quicker, and this saves (contains) the first and last character of N{ic}E (extreme). I' m not sure if the "first" part of the pun is the first character of Very, or if it's part of the meaning. It'?s 11:48.

Strange little riddle with this one, there are a number of words that are not in common usage, but the pun is generally very clear, so it's the kind of riddle I like where everything needs to be comprehended. Having taken out most of the right side before the right side, I was wondering if the installer was looking for some kind of recording of the number of instance of the character HO - there are three downward responses containing several HOs.

Underline the first one in the notes - let's go! A lot of locals like " Taswegians " or " Australians " DEADLIEST - DIET abnormal diagram of DIETALS - laboriously as in " dead borrowing " LADY - LAY(remained) containing D(daughter), referring to the Disney film of 1955. This is a very pleasant, middle -sized jigsaw today, which made me go in the opposite directions several times, only to find out later that I had to see the hint from a different view.

I needed 35 min without any tools, and from my point of views there are no anaagrams with words of obscurity or other bone. RUNNER - Duplicate definitions. then LAIR was inverted. Finicky- I realized early that these would be two maiden names that would add to the definitions, but once again I was fixed on NANCY as the second one.

ILLEGIBEL - Critical Define. WARRY - Duplicate defining; WARRY as in 'linger a while'. I represent Jeremy, who'll be back for a doubles by next weekend. It was a beautiful mix of difficulties with the leads, I thought. Undressed definitons. LANCETS - all except the last letters of the (short) THETa (Greek letter) that surrounds the LANCE (weapon) (stung by it).

EVERY second ELF from ( regular ) tElL off. Nasal pocket - Bone pattern with A and good bone pattern. Side double SCREENSAVER definitions. TIP - hides inside (written by) wordsmitH IN Times. Eye Wipe - Disposal diagram of WE SAGEN ER. Disappointed - first and last epistles from (extreme) deskeratE, PRESS (newspaper) and ED (editor).

The TOMATO - TOM (Thomas) with everything except the last character of (cut) small amount of it. ÁNTEATER - ETNA (Sicilian mountain) inverted (climbing), ATE (consumed), then last character of water. CONTAINER SHIP - Atlas of (thrown around) in E CHINA PORTS. TASCGE - T (time) and ASK (request). PICTURE - duplicate definitions, the second by example.

TRANGIBLE - diagram of (rotates) the last character of (almost) go with BELGIUM. Legend - side dual definitions. MAID - MA (mother) with I and last mail from (finally) hired. It was 68 mins, but with a mistake I probably would have prevented if I had thought of returning as scheduled before I stopped the time.

Oddly enough I had several half replies at once on the net and was awaiting a crossover cover note (e.g. 15dn). I solved it in 8 min, so I'd say it's on the simpler side of the scale. It' very nice, but if I haven't seen it, there's nothing in particular here to celebrate the release of Quick Cryptic 1200.

GLAS DECKEN - LASS glas decken - lass sound ed like'sealing' DECOCT - DEC OCT; if l were really sincere (something l haven't tried in a while) l'd have to say l've never even spoken of that term. I' ve probably said that the last goddamn thing that came up..... It is a tragic accusation of our times that magistrates are no longer approached by lawyers whose arms are held against their breasts under the reverse of their clothes as M'Lud.

References underline the definition. 21 flies back for dull things in Scotland (4)STOB: BOTS reversed; 23 perfume ingredient: get it in the Near East state, no doubt (5)ATTAR: (Q)AT('T)AR; 26 vernal scroll that is considered sophisticated (8)WELLBRED: NOODLE: two meanings;14 Film unfortunate failure (9, two words )SHOOT, DOWN: SHOOT-DOWN; 15 University in turn mocked sexually transmitted sickness?

Doubly MISS Definitions (and the True Thing). PUNKTUATION MARK * I am not 2'ed to say that this was my loop, the meaning was so cloaked. Outstanding features, at least for this solo, were the two songs that were both written during my life AND are in my iTunes library - an event rarely seen in the Times crosstalk.

Admittedly, I'm not the greatest admirer of either of the participating performers, but in a Crosswordland where classic style prevails, it's great to get a leg tossed from time to time, even if it's not the most delicious. My tip of the morning I suppose is for its beautiful texture and the response to the beautiful TV show I' ve got here now.

Hints are in color black, with emphasized explanations. ABC* means "Anagram of ABC," where the diagram counter is in full-color. Cook has 17 minute to find the pleasure (10)ENTHUSIASMUS: (HAS MINUTES*). TELEGRAPH: dual define, the second as in "he cabled his next train". The name I didn't know for the grapes, but this once the response was clear.

NERVE (5): Duplicate definitions. LEG UP: The notion is that "LEG UP" could be a cipher for GEL (set). I JON [una | juge] doit "visiter" INSPECTOR MORSE - nous avons parlé ici récemment de la façon dont un "occupé" est un membre de la coopération policière et le morse contient plusieurs striches (ainsi que les points)... suggère ce calembour d'une définition grognante et lumineuse.

SICHT - duplicate definitions. Oh, and if you take times, it took me, like, 5 3/4 inches. Many hours have been devoted by any more seasoned soloist to stare empty at an almost empty lattice, optimization after turning this early diagram into an acidic, mocking remnant of wrong hopes. The whole BBQ I got with my first reading of the slopes what made the party of Biffen happy when the depths come, so the age.

Netter tempo changes - many thanks to Teamzel! Touring - TO (to) UR (old city) IN (in) Go ("westernmost" character of Ghana). KONTO - beautiful dual definitions, the second as in a narrative. RESOLVE - duplicate definitions. ACKLET - kryptische Definitions, a footcuff that goes over a leg.

Around the hour - soft and cryptic cue. Perpendicularicular - symbolic (ish) delimitation. At the beginning of this article I got a little panicky, was not satisfied with the right solution for some period of my life and came home in 26 min, way down on the early bird lists. Avoiding the risks of being seen as patronizing or pitiful by not saying whether it's harsh or simple, but I dare say that this is a respectable puzzle of crosswords, with the more arcane words implied to be fair and helpful, although I assume if you really try, you could shake up the chart at 10am.

LIGATUR E Nearly a dual-defining, a musical marker that connects two tones or two characters that merge into a single µ - this person's main league OE. The anagram ( ready ) of T(ia) MARIA. ADOPTION Dual definitions, as for dressing. A faulty signal gives you LEETTER where the word RE is omitted.

To punish us, the Settler's Association allows us to manage with a crystal clear delineation. Perishher Peri is the faerie, and Sheer can mean "nothing but" cutting out the hearts or mid letters. Ricot without its last letters plus extreme: In fact, I was wondering if I had written the false riddle and done the quick cryptography.

lt took less than 15 min without anything to stop me, my final position was just a small thought and a big smirk at the end of my session 28a. ODWN CHORUS - Cryptic Define. measurement - message = communique, delete the oldness = without date. I had to look up the (vaguely familiar) second term at seventeen ac, and the (for me new) term in the center of fivedn.

Undressed definitons. DISTRIBUTION - IS with everything except the last character of (almost) TRIBUTe (gift), everything within DRIVE (shabby place). Allpha - Dual name. IMPLIED - A diagram of (incorrectly created) pull sets. OTHER - RED (cruel person) misses his first character (decapitated). ENELEGANT - Animagram of (wild) EGLANTIN.

Picture-in-picture (PIP) - threefold resolution. HISTORY AND HISTORY history and history diagram that surrounds the last character (end) of the cost. Press- duplicate definitions. It was not the simplest puzzle and at eye level with yesterday's, in my view quite difficult offer, since both of them needed me in the order of 50min.

A little over ten moments for this one, and the whole fucking deal seemed kinda fiddly.

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