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Book by phone, app or online. Receive TimeNow Presented by TIMES NOW, India's premier 24-hour British newscaster, TIMES NOW app has transformed the TV environment by overcoming obstacles in the areas of reporting and journalists. Launched in 2007, the station has presented its audiences with an incomparable view of messages, presented with a concise analytical approach. Within one year of its market introduction in 2007, TIMES NOW climbed to number one and has held this place for seven years.

Last year, TIMES NOW broke new grounds in the field of digitization and secured its place as the world' s premier online broadcaster for online music. TIMES NOW uses regular TIMES NOW advertising to engage with its audience on an unparalleled level throughout the state. At a time when the importance of web sites cannot be overemphasized, TIMES NOW has provided the trendiest contents both on a national and global basis and has developed into a significant player on several different online community sites.

The TIMES NOW is provided to you by Times Global Broadcasting Co. Headquartered in Mumbai, the canal has an office and office network throughout India. TIMES NOW is not only available on DTH but also in India via analogue and DTH cable.

Before you do, they know what you want.

Out of the office corners there are those who know exactly how much whipped cream to put in the boss's cafe. Then there is Silicon Valley, where face-to-face wizards who read minds come in the shape of a mobile app. There are a number of start-ups and large corporations like Google working on the so-called Predictive Search - new utilities that act as robot-assisted face-to-face wizards, and anticipate what you need before you ask for it.

For example, look at your telephone in the mornings and see a warning that you have to go to your next appointment early because of heavy weather, even though you never said to your telephone that you had a appointment or where it was. It is the latest web search evolution and one of the first to be designed for portable use.

It' s not even necessary for a person to type in a search request. The question is their contexts - place, hour of dawn and activities - the question, say the engineering staff who set up these facilities. A lot of technology experts agreed that these are likely to become part of the backbone of the trend, which will ultimately be integrated into alarms, fridges and bath mirror systems.

Already, an app named Google Now is an important part of Google's eyewear related to the web. However, for some humans, the foresighted search - including Cue, Rekall, Donna, Tempo AI, MindMeld and Evernote service - is the most recent break-in to our life, another disturbance that pings and hums in our bags, searches our electronic life for personally identifiable information, and crosses the line between helping and weird.

Much of the information is saved in the clamp, where applications can readily connect to it, and the majority is available in the Internet. Our service guesses what you want to know basing on the crumbs you left behind, such as calendars, emails, community networking activities and where you use your telephone.

A lot of people use external service for things like vouchers, messages and traffics. One year ago, Google Now came to several Android cell and iPhone in April and told you when it's off to go for a meal-booking. This is because it detected an OpenTable email in your Gmail inbox, knew your position from your phone's GPS, as well as checking Google Maps for congestion.

Few and a half before your trip, it shows you the wheather at your holiday location, and when you get there, information about money changing and the home while. Loudly ask if Google Now reminds you to collect your breastmilk the next times you enter a convenience store, and a warning will appear when you're at the Safeway.

However, a successfull search is as complex as actual living. "If you' re searching, something has already failed," says Phil Libin, Evernote CEO, a memo application that activates past items for actual conditions. A lot of applications use computer based training to get to know others over the years.

For example, ReQall's services can prevent you from being interrupted by a call during a meeting. For example, Google added books, movies and songs in May. "Amit Singhal, Google's senior search engine vice-president, said, "You can only guess that in a few years this face-to-face wizard has been an authority on every area known to mankind.

"As Larry Page, Google CEO, said to industry analysts in April, "The better we can deliver information without you asking, the better we can deliver business information that will be promoted to you by those who are enthusiastic. For example, if you view a trailers on YouTube, Google Now can broadcast your favorite movies locally when they arrive in your town.

"They may find the interfacing more annoying than helpful," said Ms. Matwyshyn. Gultekin, a Google products manager who assisted with the invention of Now, said the firm was conscious of this venture and "very conservative" with what it showed man. Cue, said that it had therefore begun with alarms in which a particular individual had already expressed an interest, for example by making a date record.

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