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The Times Group, India's largest media group, belongs to it. Do Times Now and Times of India belong to a sole ownership? Yes, both are held by Bennett Coleman and Company Limited (BCCL), which is jointly owned and operated by the Jain dynasty. The Times Group, India's biggest news group, belongs to it. The Times of India The Times of India provides the world's biggest English-language newspaper (3,321,702 copies), according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

BCCL became Indian property in 1946.

Bennett, Coleman & Co. was acquired by Ram Kishan Dalmia. The Sahu Jain Group purchased the Dalmatian business in 1948 for Rs2.5 creres.

I' m embarrassed: The ex-Times Now staff apologizes 3 years after the case "harassment" - The Print

The journalist says that he is sorry that he was involved in the murder of characters; excuse after ThePrint's tale about Sarvjeet's fights. Neu-Delhi: A former Times Now staff member who claimed to have published the history of the supposed harassment of St. Stephen's disciple Jasleen Kaur has now (in a person's capacity) apologized to the defendant Sarvjeet Singh Bedi and said he was "ashamed" and "repented" of the event.

This excuse came shortly after ThePrint had released a tale of Sarvjeet Singh's fighting, as the case had not yet begun because Jasleen had not participated in a sole hearings on the case. "about the history of your case. Meanwhile, I worked with TIMES during the incident," the former Times Now staff member told Sarvjeet about a Facebook messaging device.

One of the first to tell this tale was me, and I can't tell you how much I repent today," he commented. "and apologize since I've been putting the TV on. Talking to ThePrint, the reporter said he was on his desktop in Times Now when he told the tale on television.

"Just because we wanted to be first, I was very sorry to write this history. It was in this continuous struggle to be in front of other television stations that a lifetime was ruined," said the reporter, who did not want to be called. "Couldn't apologize to Sarvjeet sooner because I was still working with the Times group.

Today, when I was reading the storyline on ThePrint, I couldn't help but write to him. "Authors have no elbowroom or perseverance to hear the'other side' or check the facts before writing a history. He continued in his embassy to Sarvjeet that although he could not recover the amount of elapsed Singh's precious little bit of precious little bit of precious little bit of precious little bit of money, he was embarrassed by what he had done.

"And I know my apologies won't make any difference in front of a jury or return anything you lose. Can' t even begin to comprehend how you felt and what difficulties you went through, but I really trust you will agree to my apologies. I' m sorry about everything," he said. Sarvjeet told ThePrint that he had no complaint with the journalists, but asked for an excuse from the canal.

"He was just an associate of the Times Group doing his work. It' s the canal and its publisher who should make an apology," Singh said. Goswami was editor-in-chief of Times Now. Later Sarvjeet put a piece on his Facebook screen, along with a screen shot of his interview with the reporter, who asked the newscasters to be accountable and check facts before publishing a story.

"to deliver us messages per capita carlet shark. aap ki aap jo sach hehai wohi denikhate hain..kabhi kabhi kabhi who saw nahin hota... lo use sach mante heai...it is a req ki ehle sach pata kare..fir duniya ko denikhaye... sirf TRP he sab kuch nai heti... (the public thinks what the radio stations are showing.

Well, the channel should check facts before publishing a history; TRP isn't everything," he said.

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