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India News: Get the latest news headlines from India & Around the World. I read between the lines watching TV news. "Times Now isn't a bad news channel at all in this case. The Times Now again wins first place in the English news genre.

Times Now dethroned Republic TV after 64 week

After a long period of 64 short months, Times Now Republic TV has pushed TV out of its top spot. Arnab Goswami's series was interrupted as he took first place in Poland on 6 May 2017. Aaj Tak spearheaded all three market segments in the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) 31 survey series.

{\pos (192,210)}Zee News left the top five in the country Hindi news story list. Republic TV recently lodged a complaint with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) of India about Times Now that the station is being switched to the Hindi news generation on sales platform, affecting viewer ratings. Times Now found itself at the top of the English news category this weekend with 734 views (000s) total, up from 806 views (000s) total last weekend.

While Republic TV ranked second with 705 prints (000s), India Today Television followed third with 246 prints (000s). News CNN 18 and NDTV24x7 claimed their 4th and 5th places respectively with 236 and 174 images (000s) total. CNBC TV18 defended its top spot in the English economic news category with 705 imprpressions (000s) total versus 644 imprpressions (000s) total, followed by ET Now and followed by third places with 197 imprpressions (000s) total and 96 imprpressions (000s) total.

With 25 imprpressions (000s) total CNBC TV 18 Prime HD came 4th in comparison to 28 imprpressions (000s) total. Mr Aaj Tak continues to govern the Hindi news generation with 149487 (000s) total impressions against 164150 (000s) last weeks. While Indian television with 115894 Impressionen (thousand) took second place, ABP News with 101045 Impressionen claimed its third number.

With 100705 imprpressions (000s) total, Zee News advanced to rank four, up from 107966 imprpressions (000s) last weekend. With 99687 Impressionen (000s), News 18 India was in fifth place. The Aaj Tak continues to predominate in the Hindi news (R) with 73376 imprpressions (000s) total in comparison to 76189 imprpressions (000s) total last weeks.

The ABP News claimed its second place this weekend with 47674 total prints (000s), followed by India TV in third place with 45738 total prints. New18 India substituted Zee News with 41201 images (000s) total. New Nation was in fifth place with 40320 imprints (000s) total in comparison to 40241 imprints (000s) total last weeks.

Tak Aaj asserted his top spot in the Hindi news genre (U) with 76112 imprints (000s) total versus 87961 imprints (000s) total. With 70156 views (000s) India TV took second place. With 60523 images (000s), Zee News ranked third in comparison to 67186 images (000s) last year.

18 India News and ABP News retained 58486 impressions and 53371 impressions total respectively quarter and fifth Irish Quarter and 53371 impressions (000s).

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