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What makes Times Now (India) an English news channel? Times Now really the baddest news channel? Well, to say the hardest thing would be too premature, because they have focused on some important topics and made sure that the politician does the right thing...

.. ABER ABER, here are the latest news about the Jasleen Kaur case, if you're not aware of it, please click the following links, in this links this kid not only clearly explains the whole event, he also mirrors the dual view of the press...?

Let's now get to the part of TIMES NOW that is remembered in Mr. Arnab Goswami's videotape (ya, he actually used it), see here, And those who don't know Arnab Goswami not only have discussions, but also take part in them. ABER, this right is part of the channel to conclude that the individual is charged as "PERVERT".

Why would a channel do that? Already there was a message month ago that Rothtak girl was hitting a guy who supposedly had done something, and so this gave them these outlets, among them Times now the latest hot prescription, and it is due to the fact that even the general publics, even the minister, began to shower them with prizes and distinctions, well why couldn't you have waited until the real news came out.

The last lie detector test found that these Rothtak nurses were mistaken, here examine the chargesheet submitted in the case of the Rothtak nurses. So why don't these canals just tell what the real jobs are and turn into magistrates on the ground, because the worse is that you are reporting this news a hundred times, and you are damaging the picture of an innocent individual even before he is ever found guilty, as in these two outbursts.

Here's what it took for him to twitter like that before he even let the other defendant on his side warrant it, aware of the fact that this CM has broad supporters of popularity, exactly why? Also what a mistake would have happened if these channel had just broadcast an APOLOGY, but oops will not have their so-called authentiity and TRP would be corrupted....

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