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"We're even willing to live with it. The Times Now calls Kerala 'Thundering Pakistan', attracts mistakes. In the face of a flood of protests over the synchronisation of Kerala as Thundery Pakistan, the leading British newscaster Times Now Saturday deplored the mistake. There is still a public appeal to apologize to the TV station.

The Times Now, in its Friday Kerala news about BJP leader Ambassador Shahs Kerala trip, said in its newshead that " Shah is on his way to stormy Pakistan". "Rindfleischverbot Reihe wird größer," the canal added, and reported that Shah visited Kerala in protest against Centre's prohibition on the sales of abattoir herds.

When the subject became a big contention, Times Now proposed a correrigendum in which it deplored the "unintended mistake" that "could have injured the feelings". "Times Now deplores an accidental mistake made on the canal on June 2 regarding Amit Shah's Kerala trip. In place of Kerala, the term Pakistan was accidentally mistyped.

The Times Now regrets once again the mistake that may have injured feelings," the regretted statement said. However, the station did not apologize.

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Interviews avec Srinjoy Chowdhury du Times jetzt

"The old saying of which I speak," His holiness said to him, "is mainly dealing with emotion and its part in the head. Referring to His Holiness's trip to Arunachal Pradesh at the beginning of the year, he praised two important elements - the great devotion of the local population and the strong connection he felt to the place where he first came to India after fleeing Lhasa in 1959.

In Doklam His Holiness put pressure on China and India's attitude and noted that China and India are both great and old nationalities. You have to live side by side. It stated that since the so-called freeing of Tibet there are China forces at the India frontier, where there were none before.

It explained that the only real way to proceed is to achieve a mutually beneficial one. It proposed that facilitating the agreements for Chinese Buddhists to come on pilgrimages to India could be a suitable confidence-building activity. Regarding internal political questions, His Holiness acknowledged that Prime Minister Modi is as proactive as he is.

Mr. Matthew welcomed the fact that he had made India better known on the global stage, as India is the most densely populated democracy country in the word. Chowdhury, when he found that His Holiness had known all the prime ministers of India, remembered that he knew Nehru well and had taken his counsel several times.

As Chowdhury spoke of the repression that still prevails in Tibet, especially in relation to religious issues, His Holiness clearly declared, adding that it was also important for Tibetans to be able to defend it, as the Tibetan Plateau plays a part in the worldwide climatic changes that correspond to the North and South Poles.

Chowdhury eventually asked His Holiness Chowdhury to give a perspective on the outlook for the next 10-20 years. "So, you're saying that old India ideals can help make the outside into a better, more tranquil place in the future?"

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