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The Evening Prime Time has the highest number of viewers on Times Now. Manafort wrinkles. What do we do now? Robert Müller's co-operation arrangement is the beginning of a new phase in the study of the Sonderberaterin. For those who practise penal justice - the three of us included - it has long been foretold that Paul Manafort, the ashamed former Trump head of campaigns, would finally pass to Robert Mueller, the SAC.

Mr. Manafort and the Sonderberater have concluded a comprehensive co-operation arrangement, which is one of the most important trends in Mr. Müller's previous work. Mr Manafort, according to the public prosecutor's office, has already taken part in a so-called professional meeting in which he described information that the detectives considered to be of value. Mr Manafort's consent also requires him to conduct further interviewing, hand over documentation and give evidence in other cases without the attendance of his own lawyer.

We' ll soon see what it means for the Fifth Column presidential. Mr Manafort's collaboration seems to be an important linchpin in the strategy he seemed to be following so far - trying to convince a panel of judges to disregard the powerful case against him because of individual sympathy or, if that was not possible, to obtain a reprieve from Mr Trump.

Mr Trump would find it difficult to give political justification for this, even if he were prepared to use the force of grace with apparent abandonment. An amnesty would not save Mr Manafort from the multitude of state actions that could be filed against him. Mr Manafort now has the opportunity to exchange all the precious information he has about the Chairman and his family for a much lower jail time.

It is the first Trump participants in the now famous Trump Tower 2016 gathering with the presidency. This includes whether the then nominee Trump knew in advance what the rally would be and why Mr Trump was announcing after the rally that he was about to make a big talk about "the things that happened with the Clintons".

" With Mr. Manafort co-operating, we may have an answer soon. Had all this not been evil enough for Mr Trump, Mr Manafort could also shed daylight on other events during his term at the head of the Trump campagne. This includes more than 80 contact points between the Kampagne and other employees and persons associated with Russia, the possible cooperation of the Kampagne with WikiLeaks and the modification of the Republican National Armament Committee of Ukraine website.

In view of Mr. Manafort's story of working with Russia's elligarchs and his strong links with Roger Stone, an informally Trump consultant, Mr. Manafort was well positioned to learn about any attempt by the Kampagne or its associates to work with Russia's agents and others involved in illicit electoral intervention. Mr Manafort could also shed a little bit of light on the presidential hindrance to the judiciary.

Mr Manafort's own advocates and Mr Manafort's advocates' advocates' conversations about pardons are truthful, the issue is whether one of these conversations could be interpreted as a reprieve in lieu of Mr Manafort's silences. Collaboration can be like dominos. Mr Manafort's collaboration is not confined to the President's acts, and if he can help the envoy to charge others near Mr Trump, they can also cooperate and further strengthen the case Mr Mueller is trying to set up.

Mr. Müller sees the appeal and the co-operation agreements as dynamic: further proof of his continuing efforts to bring offenders around the presidents to court. It'?s strange to the presidency. Well, since Mr Manafort is assisting with the inquiry and can give testimony in forthcoming trials - not to speak of congress trials - Mr Trump cannot simply rest.

Mr Trump would do well to examine the altitudes from which his former top helper fell and the extent of his fall. See The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook and Twitter (@NYTopinion). Folded Manafort.

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