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Isn' it real that the Times Now per BJP per BJP is operated by the BJP while NDTV is 24X7 per Congress? Sardar Patel, Nehru and Gandhi were ardent followers of his fathers and grandfathers who always cast their votes for the Congress. My mother's grandpa was part of the Naxalite community. Dad's a backer of BJP. That make me a backer of BJP?

Both my uncle and my grandpa were active in fighting emergencies, they even went to prison.

Does this affect my policy orientation? If you are sufficiently literate, you will have an unbiased perspective on policy and it will not be affected by your relationships. There is still a hot debate with many in my familiy about policy and dissent. Now to the journalist's policy orientation.

Obviously they have inclination, but it's on an individual base. Let us take India TV, for example. Rajat Sharma, who is a great believer in BJP, owns the news station, but even here not everything on this station can be prejudiced. According to the truths, you can never depend on a unique resource to find it, so why accuse the news stations.

Wherefore advertisement works in times now

The Times Now is the Times Group's English news service, covering both domestic and foreign news. The Times Now was started in 2006 and is now the UK's premier news station. After BARC viewers, Times Now has the second highest number of viewers among the other English news canals. You can promote a geo-targeted marketing strategy on either the All India Feedback of Times Now or the Times Now local feedback.

The Times Now has an audience of 807 (in 1000s), making it the number 2 in English news. The Times Now has a viewer turnout of 35% among the top 5 English news channels. B2B and B2C, e-commerce, NGOs, consumer goods, property, electronics and FMCG companies mainly use Times Now to promote their products.

The main reasons for this are the public image of the canal and the coverage that Times Now has across the state. Stage 1: Choose the media option, ad length, timeband, number of ads, campaign duration, and start date. On the Letter Head of Times Now (The Times Group), a telecast certificate is issued, indicating the precise date and hour of the commercials being used.

A. FCT- Free commercial age. Refers to the amount of free advertising space that channels allow advertising companies to carry out advertising activities. Seasonality - View the season of the year you want to promote according to the results and budgets of the year. The number of timeband viewers will vary throughout the course of the daily. Eventing Prime Times has the highest number of viewers on Times Now.

Prices are calculated on the basis of your chosen interval. It' a stripe that contains the commercial contents. Minimal exposition is 50-60 times per diurn. F: What is a hybrid tape? The A. mixed versus RODP timing tape is also referred to as the run of days part (RODP) timing tape. Displays can appear at any moment during a certain period of your schedule, e.g. 18.00 - 17.00 hours, which is predefined by the canal.

In this way, the sewer can administer the stock. F: What is the timeline for ads on Times Now? I. The timeframe for advertisement on Times Now is 1 day. The Times Now is the most efficient promotional vehicle. The Times Now Television is the leader and shoulder over other types of communication to improve results.

The Times Now is tremendous and by far the most loved media for all ages. This is the television station's singular capacity to quickly generate massive audiences that help make it the most efficient form of publicity. The Times Now advertisement has many short-term benefits, such as increasing your turnover, generating peaks in your on-line searching, and generating verbal propaganda on- and off-line.

The immediate effect, however, is only part of the strength of Times Now channel. Times Now television commercials increase in impact over a period of years; the longer you spend commercials, the greater the impact. The Times Now advertisement can be divided into two major expenses, creative (the creation of your advertisement) and media (the expenses of placement on a color channel).

Generally, the Times Now channels rate is determined by DLVP, and most channels deal at either a rebate or surcharge based on the number of variables: Duration of creator - 30 seconds is an industrial norm, if the length of your ad is longer or less, the cost varies according to daytime - Certain parts of the days are more costly than others (e.g. early evenings ), as most Indians turn on.

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