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The Other Times Group news pages. Today India live TV streaming: Sara's wife Riniki Bhuyan is the chairman of News Live and Rank. The Malappuram court summons Times Now's Rahul Shivshankar and Anand Narasimhan to a defamation case against NWF chief Sainaba.

Malappuram, the first class court, has summoned Ms. A.S. Sainaba, President of the National Women's Front (NWF), in response to a statement that a show broadcast by Times Now falsely charged her with having played an important part in the conversion of females to Islam and the provision of shelter.

A show entitled "Hindu Gals are Chased, Returns, Exploited in Kerala " was broadcast in August last year, claiming that a "secret NIA report" had found Sainaba as a "mentor" who convinced Hindus to accept Islam. Complaints were lodged against Mr Rahul Shivshankar, editor-in-chief of Times Now, and Mr Anand Narasimhan, the show's arm.

You must appear before the Court of Justice on 30 August. Sainaba claims in her appeal against the deputy Abdul Latheef that the account tried to link her to "love-jihad", a term used to "degrade Muslims in the country". Describing the account as misleading, she claims: "The total news coverage broadcast by the defendants on 30-08-2017 was coincidentally seen by millions around the world, and some of the acquaintances, congratulators and sympathisers approached the author, expressing their discontent with the author on the basis of the repugnant image of the author depicted by the defendant.

This NIA clandestine investigation seems to have been published following the Hadiya case, which was ruled by the Supreme Court in March this year. NIA spacecraft was ordered in August 2017 under the authority of the pensioned Supreme Court Judge R.V. Raveendran. Then Sainaba had been questioned by the NIA because of her supposed part in over ten cases of conversion.

Sainaba was once Hadiya's legal guardian following the girl's alleged departure from her homeland to pursue Islam, and later when she declined to go with her parent in the Supreme Court of Kerala. Indeed, in an affidavit, Hadiya's dad had made concrete accusations against her and demanded the safety of his ancestors.

Thereafter, in March of this year, the Apex Court overturned the challenged Kerala High Court ruling, which Hadiya's husband and Shafin Jahan had described as a "sham". However, the court had permitted the NIA to pursue its investigations into all criminal issues, making it clear that the question of the legitimacy of the marriage between the two would not be the object of the inquest.

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