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For now Live Streaming News Channel

Now Mirror is an Indian, English-language news channel owned by the Times Group. TV livestream of Times Now broadcasting from India. Canal description of Times Now: At @TimesNow By parti, Ted gives away tickets to the #MarriottTedSalon contest.

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Now Mirror is an Indic, English-language news channel belonging to the Times Group. Times Group starts India's first real estate channel Magicbricks NOW. India's times. Returned on April 6, 2017. Times Network is launching Mirror Now, the second British news channel. in The Economic Times. Returned on April 6, 2017. Faye D'Souza Mirror now.

Returned on November 7, 2017. I' m sorry. This story on the subject of India TV is a stump.

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Times now social media uses online media advertising to reaching more than 400 million individuals in the 2014 election.

On Times Now:'Times Now' is one of the most viewed news channels in India. India, the greatest democracies in the whole word, recently experienced one of the greatest elections in its entirety. 2014 proved to be the greatest year in the country's entire historical record, with around 81 elections.

It was a pretty one-of-a-kind choice, with about 10 new and young constituents eager to put their votes and help make a big impact. More than 563 million men and woman voted and were directly involved in the process of electing and establishing a new state.

Times Now's goal was to record this historical event and present it to a large public in all countries with a thorough and thorough assessment of people's moods and opinions. Today's commercial goals: Take first place and be number 1 among all channels/platforms in the weeks of voting results and on the major results days.

Receive the highest viewing figures on broadcast and through the number of interaction on the SaaS. Join the world' s audiences via live streaming on Times Square on the results date, 16 May. Make sure that the results are shown in time and as accurately as possible. Incorporate different types of online content and reach a wide range of audiences.

The strategy/approach of Times Now: In order to meet the campaign's goals, Times Now made sure that the contents provided on different plattforms and the information distributed to the public were pro-active. The Times Now project concentrated on using a mix of wireless apps, community networking, live feedback and text messaging services to make sure that their audiences could receive the latest voting news for 90 consecutive business day.

Welfare network: The main reason Times Now used Twitter was to reach its audiences. Since the channel sends news in English, they have a big supporter who follows on this community based game. Most of the entire marketing effort was determined by TV contents, but reinforced by the use of societal medium. It used Twitter tunings to build on-air component designs and thus provide cross-platform contextual integration.

Twitter attracted a great deal of attention during the count weekend from 8 May onwards. hash tags like #PollofPolls, #MegaExitPolls, #ModiSpeaksToArnab, #Results2014, #May16WithArnab, #Modiat7RCR and #TimesNowatTimesSquare developed not only in India but also worldwide. Once the storyline erupted in the early mornings and the broadcast was planned for the evenings, the crew didn't have the amount of free space as it was only twelve hour's to make a splash on Twitter.

On 15 May, one and a half hours before the results, with the aim of setting a new record for the brands and increasing the number of viewers, a competition was held for the first consecutive year ( for the first consecutive year via the channel's offical Twitter handle) in which the opinions of the participants on the various topics dealt with on the final count date were asked. Hemhtag #May16WithArnab was a worldwide trend on both dates.

When developing a hashtag, the basic concept was to make it easily and simply inserted and used in discussions relevant to the news of the moment. A further policy was to make Twitter news for all important upcoming happenings such as live debate, exits surveys, real vote count and governance available to the public via text message via TimesNowLive.

There were also periodic news releases on Google+ and Facebook, with the same hash tag maintained to ensure consistency. The same messages were shown periodically on the monitor to increase the maximal reminder. Mobil: The Times Now also started an exclusively portable voting application during the electoral process. Not only did this application bring the audience live footage and videos from the electoral program, it also allowed them to interactively connect with each other and the channel.

As a result, the user had an attractive second display and thus a higher viewer retention. Movie content: Full voting reports were available on Youtube in the format of live feeds. This was all part of an electoral node that Google set up specifically for this great occasion. A further strategic approach was to use wine video throughout the electoral period to promote independent activities such as debate, news, interviewing, etc.

The social media: Six consecutive trading sessions were followed by more than 10 global haashtags, with #May16WithArnab and #Results2014 being the top global trend on May 15 and 16. About 100+ haztags developed during the 90 day period of electoral reporting on the channel. Over 400 million possible expressions were created by the Twitter hash tags in the end results count weeks.

Using the new Tweet to SMS text messaging system, Times was now able to inform more than 38,000 users about the results of the elections directly on their cellphone. The Times Now was able to get 3. HQ Times Now Indian Selection HQ Phone App: The Times Now Mobil application got 1,00,000 plus downloads in just 2 week with over 1.

More than 5 million page impressions via the application, and more than 3.5 live streams live and over 4 view. One of the apps presented on Apple, Windows and Android during the voting weekend was the portable one. Over 4 audiences joined the channel's live Youtube feed to follow the live reporting on the voting results count date.

Times Now YouTube Channel brought more than 1. 5 million view on the choice's visual communication collection in fitting 15 era. The case is a very one-of-a-kind example of the strategical embedding of different types of different types of SME. Demonstrating the benefits of carefully cross-platform contextual integrating Twitter with the more traditionally promoted modes such as TV, it extends the range of services.

The creation of a socially responsible online advertising campaigns around an election such as a general election, in which the whole country is involved, gives the campaigns a push and at the same time improves the possibility to extend their scope and commitment. The use of the portable application increases the possibility to get in touch with the public via text message and live updates/feeds.

That contributes to increasing the loyalty of the public.

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