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Faye D'Souza became the emerging celebrity of India's TV news without screaming or shaking.

The 9th of June, in an excerpt from Mirror Now's prime timed show, presenter Faye D'Souza found himself trying to discipline a singer. Tonight's theme of discussion was sexualism and the trolling of females for what they are wearing. A panel member, an angry mule, hit D'Souza with a comment:

Meanwhile, the Maulana's commentary and D'Souza's response promptly became a virtual videotape that helped her gain instant popularity in popularity. Exactly so a new canal - Mirror Now - had come. Because of the tape, an audiences fed up of seeing men's panelists aggressively on TV found someone they could see in TV's news.

D'Souza, until a few month ago a relatively unfamiliar face in TV news, has come up with a big match. It was introduced as the face of the Times Group-owned Mirror Now when it was introduced in its new shape in April. In comparison to the advertising campaign of the affiliated channels Times Now, the promotion for Mirror Now was low and restrained.

However, one videotape became virtual, and then another, and all of a sudden there was this unspeakable thing named Momentum. D'Souza, who was raised in Bengaluru and majored in media studies at Mount Carmel College, got her first front page assignment at CNBC TV18 in 2003. D'Souza has a concise, modest way of speech and a vocal style that she once thought would be used on the airwaves.

She spent two years reading the news for All India Radio in Bengaluru when she was in colleges. D'Souza has a workforce of about 50 reporters at its headquarters in Mumbai, a relatively small number in comparison to the employees of most other media outlets. Mirror Now primarily uses the ET Now affiliate TV networks for Times Now's manufacturing operations management supports and reporters.

Your flag ship, the Prime Times Show Urban Debate, featured on MagicBricks Now, the channel's former real estate oriented avant-garde, was launched. Frequently denounced as too flashy, cross-channel primetime debate shows have taken place in similar format, with excited talk head and fast-moving text on the canvas. D'Souza asserts that Mirror Now is deliberately trying to jump over the great politics or debates of the moment, rather than examine smaller, more specialized issues.

Indeed, Mirror Now's localized concern is refreshing: the importance of parental controls in automobiles, the impact of goods and services taxes on ordinary people, the history behind the rise in the price of fuels that blames the federal administration for its failure to cope with environmental catastrophes and bad public facilities. D'Souza relies on her economic journalistic backgrounds because she has given her an angle view on them.

Yadhav Jadhav Yadhavvash, a former Mumbai city corporateist who was a panelist advocating Shiv Sena's position, was often at the end of D'Souza's difficult issues, but had only good things to say about the canal. The majority of panelists were also delighted that they were able to talk and be listened to at a standard dB reading - in the first few month of the show there was even a summer that started and signaled the end of a speaker's round.

"You know what, we don't scream at each other, and everyone gets the same amount of speaking time," D'Souza said.

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