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Time Now shuffles editing again With Times Network relocating most of its Times Now employees from Mumbai to Delhi, the Delhi-based Times Network attributes this move to better synchronization with the Delhi-based DSLT. It plans to employ a workforce of 140-150 for the field of digitisation.

"The move from Times Now to Delhi is strategically important to increasing our efficiencies and integration into our next generation digitization world. As we began to recruit employees for the online world, I realized that the Delhi and Bangalore staff were much better. The majority of digitisation and technological firms are active in these sectors and we did not want to be an isle.

In the long run, we have therefore chosen to run this part of the operation from Delhi," said MK Anand, MD and CEO, Times Network. It has also resolved to reorganize its editing capabilities and adapt them to the three current affairs stations Times Now, Mirror Now and ET Now.

The Mirror Now and ET Now team mix seats within the Mumbai bureau, and a significant portion of the Times Now editorship is moving to the Noida bureau. From the outset, Times Now has been working on a dual intelligence center paradigm - from its Mumbai and Noida bureaus.

The latest step will make the Times Now Delhi squad bigger than the one in Mumbai. The Mirror Now company has expanded from a 20-person crew to a 70-person group. "We' re getting ready for Mirror Now to continue to expand and be among the top three English news channels.

Small numbers of individuals have also been transferred from Times Now to Mirror Now. Shukla Tanvi, an anchored base at Times Now in prime time, is transferred to Mirror Now in prime now.

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