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Network for the first time

The TIMES NETWORK is part of India's largest media group The Times Group. Mirrors now: Time Network starts second British television station Mirror Now started his second general interest British newscast. be used to support the growing world of the British public, which is growing due to greater socioeconomic consciousness and fast digitalization. The Mirror Now is a sophisticated offer that highlights topics that affect our everyday life, the firm said, and added that the canal will try to address topics such as criminality, women's security, road congestion, sanitation, healthcare, environment, electricity and clean waters to make India a better place to be.

It will be deployed on the former Magicbricks Now console, which will distribute the channels across all key wire and spacecraft platforms, giving Mirror Now a big edge in the fiercely contested market. Anand, MD and Chief Executive Officer of Times Network, said: "Providing Times Now for the past ten years or so has brought us priceless and unparalleled expertise and infrastructures that we believe have the capability to do more.

It is also not possible to capture the information flux produced by this 1.3 billion people country in a single straight line. Hence our second offer - Mirror Now." Mr Anand said that the sound, styling and results-oriented journalism will be the same as TIMES NOW. "He added, "I think there is room for differentiation within the segment of domestic messages to provide another winning segment.

Times Now editor-in-chief said, "As a network that serves 100 million wealthy city audiences in India, it was important for us to diversity our channels and our music. Because of the strong message flows and the advent of new commercial and industrial centers, it was imperative to open a new way to serve this segment".

We want to offer our audiences abundant and profound contents and thus our new offer - Mirror Now. We want to use this platform to reinforce our leadership in the English broadcast network and to keep our audiences informed, excited and enthusiastic".

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