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Receive the latest news on the go and make informed decisions with The Times of India App for Android. Publishing | Content Creator | Creative/Rich Media. timesnownews.com is a virtual extension of the very successful Times Now franchise.

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Times of India's Android App is optimised for the Android 2.3 and higher platforms. The Times of India's full and up-to-date reporting on everything that' interesting and important - anywhere, at any time. Made for Android equipment, this app provides you with the latest news and unrivaled reporting on domestic, global, urban, sporting, entertaining, lifestyle, commercial, healthcare, science as well as technological issues from India's most widely published and reliable newsmagazine.

Comes with push notifications, news from more than 45 major towns, the latest film criticism from reviewers and readership, great picture galeries and top video from news, economy, sport, entertainment und life style. If your connections are sluggish or you just want to hear the news, set yourself to Times Now on the go real-time music!

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Wellcome to the Times Now App, the offical app of India's No. 1 English news station - Times Now. Times Now, the Times Mobile app keeps you up to date on the latest events from India and around the globe. Upload the app now to get full and unrestricted news, video and picture galleries from news, economy, politics, sport, news, entertainment from India and worldwide.

Feel free to view Times Now by using the app. - View the latest video of the latest news items such as political affairs, election, budget, crime, fun, gadgets and more. - Get everything as it happensIVE. Check out the latest news on nations, economies and entertainments only on Times Now, ETNOW, Zoom and Mirror Now.

Accessibility to livec TV programmes may be inhibited in some jurisdictions due to geocentric programme streamings.

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India's biggest news agency, The Times of India, provides you with the best mobile news experiences. Upload the TOI app to your mobile phone and keep up to date with news from around the globe, anywhere, at any time. TOI app provides everything an enthusiastic news buyer is looking for - current news, hit news, trend news and comprehensive reporting on sport, leisure, business as well as technologies, covering the Mangalyaan Government and the Asian Games 2014.

Of India news to worlds news, politics news to crime news, tech news to Bollywood news and film reviews of Bollywood, Hollywood and local movies - get the most pertinent cover of Celebrity News. There is also a photo gallery of Bollywood personalities, industrialists, politics, sportsmen and sportswomen and events/parties under discussion.

See also the full broadcast of all important news on Times Now TV & Times Now TV Alive Audio.

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