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The triumph of India will not go beyond the cracks in the middle order: TOI (The Times of India) is an Indian-English daily newspaper owned by The Times Group. Times of India, morning English-language newspaper in Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Delhi. New Delhi, India. India's times are one of the best newspapers in the country.

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Times of India, English speaking Morgen dailies in Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Delhi. This is one of India's most powerful documents, and its vote often matched that of the Indian state. Initially known as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, the paper was established in 1838 to service the people of the West Indies.

Initially appearing twice a week, the 1851 paper became a dailies and in 1861 was renamed The Times of India. Following India's sovereignty, the Times increased its standing in India, where it became known over the years as an editorial journal, through its persistence in precision, avoiding the sensation of being sensational, its serious sound and its reporting on news internationally.

Reporting on news from around the world, like other major daily newspapers in India, is thorough and accounts for a fourth of the newsroom.

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mornings and evenings update - Get update every mornings and evenings. Get the latest news and events of the moment with our latest update function. - Latest, Trend and Break News - Get the latest, trend and break news up-dates from India and around the globe.

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You can use the black and sepia topics integrated in the application to ensure a comfortable viewing sensation even in low lightning. - Swipe for Next - Swipe links and right for seamless story telling and a quicker learning time! more features of toi apple - the times of india news application provides everything an enthusiastic news editor is looking for - current news, latest news items, trend reports and in-depth reporting on sport, crime, entertainment, economics, tech, politics and more!

  • For our NRI subscribers around the globe who love to browse the TOI news application from India and abroad, a dedicated section has been set up. Times of India is India's leading news application and is used by over 27 million people in India and abroad. The TOI application is accessible from more than 225 different locations around the globe.

The TOI is the first election of Indians & NRI's equally for news about India & the rest of the word.

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