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India News: Get the latest news headlines from India & Around the World. Subramanian Swamy talks to Megha S Prasad of TIMES NOW about Ram Mandir. Please tell me if Rahul Gandhi brushed his teeth today or not.

No access denied: The Republic of TV and Times Now are blockaded by congressional press.

Everything from visiting temples to declaring the Congress-elect president's membership of the Canaeu (a string regarded as holy by the cast system that should make India redundant) to the Prime Minister who shares plot theory that would embarrass the refuseniks at the lunar land. Of course, the medias became the canal through which this tragedy arrived at our salons and became the subject of "burning debates".

Ladies and gentlemen, we are discussing the Indian National Congress, which is prohibiting the television stations Times Now and Republic TV from holding newsreels. Now that you see both of them, it is more than obvious that they both dislike Congress and its President-elect Rahul Gandhi, especially Republic TV. Some of the current hash tags that followed the congress discussions on both tracks were #CongBetrayedRam, #PakCongMeeting, #RahulDucks, #RaGaOfDenial, #RaGaSopStory, #GandhiVIPSaas, #RahulHinduOrCatholic #RahulHinduTerrorCable and #BaapKaRaaj.

The Republic TV reporter and their commander-in-chief Arnab Goswami used words like Cowardly, Insane and Wormy for Congressmen. Perhaps this is the motive why Congress's move to close the channel has not caused the common indignation experienced when a news organization is refused entry by Neth.

However, the congressional right to ban the two canals is a slip hillside argue - one that suggests that it's okay for policymakers to refuse entry to news stations they can't handle. There' s also the thought that reporter on the pitch covering these presses can hardly be held responsible for the line taking their canal bosses in the studio.

For example, the journalist said they were removed from the mailinglist and text message lists after Times Now wrote a history about Robert Vadra. "Though I had nothing to do with the history, I was removed from the list," the journalist said. He agreed that both Times Now and Republic TV were occasionally hyperaggressive during news conference, but that's not always the reporter's blame.

To change this momentum, the answer is to make sure that both the editor of the canal and the head of Congress get together, otherwise journalists will still face the main burden, the journalist added. Cofounder of The News Minute and editorial consultant for Republic TV, Chitra Subramaniam voiced more concerns about the policy of obstructing or banning certain parts of the news stream than about who is being obstructed.

Zubramaniam had twittered in order to help Republic TV, but did not like some comments. However, it is remarkable that Congress has not banished broadcasters such as Zee News or India TV - which are not exactly cheap - from its press. Certainly the heads of the Republic TV and Times Now studios will have to conduct a self-observation, albeit for no one else than their own reporter in the fields.

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