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It' s a collection of Times Now's experimentation with falsehood. "A well-known falsified and out-of-context video sample, intentionally re-circulated several times by a select portion of the India-based media, is a clear indication that the purpose of the practice is to disseminate vicious and erroneous information through a variety of innocent newsstanders. Times Now's unaccountable journalists were criticised by the UAE Gulf News for distributing a faked video of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

According to the station, the video will be "circulated on the public media", while it is the one that has taken the leadership in distribution and viralization. It' s a pity that a nationwide news station was not able to recognise the official who was the main guest at last year's Republic of India Day party.

It is not the first times that Times Now has been invoked for spreading counterfeit news. It' a prime-time storyline backed by a 7-year-old photo-shopped picture. Last June, Times Now alleged that it had access to a conversation rates credit line. Have a look at what this tariff says, it puts a premium on your religious beliefs, if you look carefully at the tariff you will see my good friends, you will see interesting details", Rahul Shivshankar, editor-in-chief of Times Now, who waggles a photo-shopped sheet of sheetrock.

It has been in use for years and was rejected as a forged message in 2014. The Times Now tried to win popular support against the "Not in My Name" initiative, which was carried out across India to demonstrate against the harassment of mobs. On a " Super Exclusive " show, the station gave a different turn to the demonstrations by blaming the organizers for contact with militants in Pakistan to organise demonstrations and slander India on Pakistani territory.

Actually, the Pakistan protests were influenced by the Not In My Name move, but they had nothing to do with India. Even the allegation that India's organizers contact Pakistan ips was forged. The ironic thing was that Times Now's programme tagline was "Time to cut facts from rhetoric". The Times Now showed pictures of protest and injury suffered by BJP operatives who protested against the increasing frequency of Chikunguniya cases in Kerala.

Kerala informs its audience about the complete loss in Kerala, the population protests against the indifference of the Kerala administration, but the policemen of Kerala beat it down, "the violence with which the humans are expelled". The above video turned out to be of Kerala Student Union (KSU) student protesters against a toll increase. This video, which was split into'Times Now exclusive' and'First on Times Now', was actually an ANI video of a student protests against the increase.

As Times Now said it had access to "an unconfirmed photograph of Rahul Gandhi posturing with the China envoy," you knew there was something fishish as their reflection canal, Republic TV had also access to the same image. Know which page Times Now beats for when it executes a hash tag like #ModiPunishesPak.

Narendra Modi claimed: "Complete contrasts between the UPA regimes and the current Narendra Modi regimes. Seeking to put the Colombian administration in perspective, the station failed to point out that the BJP regulation was in place for the peak number of visits to Pakistan in 2015. In 2015, the number of tourists from Pakistan to India under the BJP administration increased by 29.

5 percent over the prior year and Pakistan was among the 15 leading nations in the arrival of tourists to India. Times Now' premiere show on #CowSlaughterCruelty was founded on how the beef battle mob uses gruesome methods. Three different video shows how an animal was exposed to atrocity.

Speaking at the presentation of the third video, Rahul Shivshankar said: "All those who today eat meat are processing it, so it goes and ends up on your desks, and the government today wants to lift the prohibition on trading meat only six month after it is introduced because it is under lobbying pressures, under party pressures in several states.

This video, which the Kanal asserts is a case of torturing, is a technology known as Schaeffer's way of correction for twisting. Presentations of a veterinary routine were used to claim to be cruel to animals, and the way the tale was presented proposed a clear effort by Times Now to awaken feelings of religion and keep such topics at the top of popular debate.

Astonishingly similar to the case of bogus news about the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Times Now also asserted in this case that the old photo "reappeared" while it was the canal itself that made the tale out of nothing. The news had already been spread by no one other than Times Now's affiliate Times of India in 2013.

Time Now' s antique was part of a design observed in the run-up to the Gujarat elections in which every day provoke and/or deceptive information was sent, with the clear intent of polarizing the voters to favor the dominant part. As the Rohingya crises peaked, Times Now released a story on how ISIS 2000 is educating Rohingyas to conduct terrorist missions in Nagaland.

ANI first released the tale, but Times Now also took it for granted by asserting that it provided input for the tale. Now also the TEET was extinguished after this disclosure. It' s important to keep in mind that there is no revocation when you are summoned, and pulling an excuse out of the canal is totally unknown.

The recent case of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince has had the history on the website tacitly changed after it had become viral. However, in the case of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, the history on the website has been tacitly changed after it had become Viral. Saying that the channel's behavior is alert is a crude exaggeration. Remember to donate to these efforts to combat bogus messages and false information.

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