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Time-Now Live Streaming is now available in the LiveNewsbox. The Times Now highlights Rahul Shivshankar as editor-in-chief. The Times Now has named Rahul Shivshankar editor-in-chief. Previously, Shivshankar was named editor-in-chief of Times Now in December 2016, after Arnab Goswami retired from the company and his Republic TV business went live on Saturday, May 6. Whilst this increase was eagerly awaited by the sector, Times Now had never acknowledged that Goswami's market share would be transferred to Shivshankar.

Shivshankar's new Chief Editor role was assumed to have been established. When he joined Times Now in December 2016, Shivshankar was given the responsibilities of managing the channel's editing staff and working in close collaboration with the management and executive staff to make sure the canal grew significantly.

Shivshankar's second deployment with the grid is after a hiatus of almost six years. Headquartered in Mumbai, he will continue to directly communicate with MK Anand, MD & CEO, Times Group. Rahul Shivshankar has a nearly 20-year history as editor-in-chief of NewsX, executive editor of Headlines Today (TV Today Network) and senior editor of Times Now.

Also worked for the editors of The Times of India. The Rahul Shiva Shankar is articulated and he does not scream and knows how to hear the competitors and how to shorten if a competitor exceeds the scheduled amount of work.

The Times Now calls Kerala 'Thundering Pakistan', attracts mistakes.

In the face of a flood of protests over the synchronisation of Kerala as Thundery Pakistan, the leading British newscaster Times Now Saturday deplored the mistake. There is still a public appeal to apologize to the TV station.

The Times Now, in its Friday Kerala news about BJP leader Ambassador Shahs Kerala trip, said in its newshead that " Shah is on his way to stormy Pakistan". "Rindfleischverbot Reihe wird größer," the canal added, and reported that Shah visited Kerala in protest against Centre's prohibition on the sales of abattoir herds.

When the subject became a big contention, Times Now proposed a correrigendum in which it deplored the "unintended mistake" that "could have injured the feelings". "Times Now deplores an accidental mistake made on the canal on June 2 regarding Amit Shah's Kerala trip. In place of Kerala, the term Pakistan was accidentally mistyped.

The Times Now regrets once again the mistake that may have injured feelings," the regretted statement said. However, the station did not apologize.

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